11 Cool, Retro Lunch Boxes For Back-to-School

Lunch is definitely our fave part of the school day, and there's nothing like having some serious lunchbox swag in the cafeteria!

Sure, a classic brown bag works, but we like the idea of switching things up and getting a retro lunch box that will last through the school year and beyond. We took it upon ourselves to find the best of the best old school lunch boxes so you can stride with pride right into lunch.

1. Mickey and Minnie Mouse Lunch Box: $14

Any Disney fanatics out there? We're obsessed over here, and wouldn't pass up the opportunity to share a super cool, Retro Planet Disney tin lunch box with you.

Retro Planet Mickey Minnie Mouse Tin Lunch Box

(via RetroPlanet.com)


2. Barbie Lunch Box: $7

If you're a girlie-girl, why not try a pretty pink, vintage Barbie lunch box? This tin carryall was created back in 1994–it's more than 20 years old!

Barbie Lunch Kit

(via Etsy.com)


3. Sandwich Lunch Box: $9

This tongue-in-cheek sandwich lunch tin is sure to get you noticed in the cafeteria.

Sandwich Tin Lunch Box

(via Retroplanet.com)


4. Star Wars Lunch Box: $14

Diehard Star Wars fans, this one's for you! This tin lunch box is sure to get you plenty of attention from the girls and boys.

Star Wars Lunch Box(via LunchBox.com)


4. The Beatles Lunch Box: $11

If you have a love for the '60s, why not go for a black and white Beatles lunch box? The circular shape is unique–it's inspired by Ringo Starr's drums–making it totally cool.

Beatles Lunch Box

(via Retroplanet.com)


5. Dots Lunch Box: $15

While we'd love to eat candy for lunch, we guess this Dots lunch tin will do.

Dots Lunch Tin

(via Lunchbox.com)


6. Old-School TV Lunch Box: $13

Chances are, you weren't even born when TVs like this existed, but your parents probably were! This vintage TV lunch box ($13) is so cool, it might go missing with mom and dad.

Vintage TV Lunch Tin

(via Amazon.com)


7. SpongeBob SquarePants Lunch Box: $15

This is literally our fave Nickelodeon show ever, and we're living for this Sponge Bob and Patrick tin lunch box.

Sponge Bob Square Pants(via eBay.com)


8. Lisa Frank Lunch Box: $44

Okay, it's not tin, but we're pretty much obsessed with anything Lisa Frank. This very rare vintage lunch box is a total blast from the past.

Lisa Frank Plastic Lunch Box

(via Etsy.com)


9. Guitar Case Lunch Box: $28

Bring your guitar to lunch. It won't actually make music, but it will definitely get you noticed.

Guitar Lunch Box Guitar-vintage-lunch-box-tin-ebay-082416

(via eBay.com)


10. The Little Mermaid Lunch Box: $13

Look at this box, isn't it neat? Okay, we'll stop there, but at least we have this awesome thingamabob for you!

Little Mermaid Lunch Box

(via Lunchbox.com)


11. Tetris Lunch Box: $14

Any gamers out there? Tetris is still one of our favorite Gameboy games, and even if you're not a gamer, you have to admit that this lunch tin is pretty cool.

Tetris Lunch Tin

(via Retroplanet.com)


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