Keke Palmer Stars In Science Sleuth PSA As Herlock Holmes!

Keke Palmer appears in a PSA for's new Science Sleuth campaign. You can get involved to donate to science classrooms in need!

keke palmer herlock holmes science sleuthIn the PSA, Keke Palmer appears as Herlock Holmes, a chemist and detective who uses microscopes and beakers, as well as fingerprint and tire tread analysis, to solve crimes!

She also spreads the word about DoSomething's new Science Sleuth campaign, powered by 3M, that allows fans to solve a science mystery to make donations to science classes!

In elementary school, girls and boys are equally interested in science. By middle school, girls are half as interested in the sciences. But why?

Many girls lose interest in science because they don't see women examples in the science fields One big way to get girls excited in science is to showing them what scientists do in real life! With Science Sleuth, we can give them that opportunity!

With permission from a parent, text CLUE to 38383 to take part in the text message game and save a high-school mystery. Someone has stolen a school mascot, one week before the big game against your rival team.

With some handy detective work, find out who stole the mascot and you can unlock a $10 donation to science classrooms that need it most through! Also be sure to share with 3 friends to be entered to win a $10,000 scholarship!

The Science Sleuth campaign ends on January 9, so get solving!

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