It’s official, macarons have taken over Instagram.

No matter whose profile you’re creeping on, you’re bound to scroll past a pic of these scrumptious-looking treats. We know we do all the time.

Because we’ve come across a variety of these mini desserts, we thought we’d round up a few of our faves for your viewing pleasure. Happy scrolling!

Simple Teddy Bear Macarons


Adorable Pusheen Macarons


Colorful Fruity Pebbles Macaron


Smiling Four Leaf Clover Macarons


Scrumptious Pizza Macarons


Intricate Sailor Moon Macarons


Cuddly Panda Macarons


Enchanting Unicorn Macarons

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Healthy Carrot Macarons


Regal Crown Macarons


A Tower of Pokémon Macarons

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Sweet Heart Macarons

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Detailed Mario Macaron

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Heroic Superhero Macarons


Gorgeous Disney Princess Macarons


Speckled Cat Macarons


Magical Mermaid Macarons


Majestic Peacock Macarons

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Vibrant Rainbow Macarons

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Ferocious Tiger Macarons

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Bouncy Basketball Macarons


Refreshing Pineapple Macarons


Cutesy Hello Kitty Macarons


Fetching Corgi Macaron


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