Want to Enhance Your Self-Care Rituals? Sea Witch Botanicals Has You Covered

Over the past couple of years, I've gotten very particular about my self-care rituals.

That includes lot of aromatherapy, and whether I'm taking in scents in the shower, diffusing essential oils into the air or burning a candle or some incense, I prefer to use products that make me feel great. When I can feel calm and focused, and also know I'm supporting brands that are good for the world, that's a huge bonus.

And that's exactly what drew me to Sea Witch Botanicals. The plant-based home and body company makes handmade products for maintaining healthy lifestyles, cleaning your space and increasing your joy, while also emphasizing products that are good for both users and the environment. In particular, their focus is protecting the world's water—and even their packaging is totally compostable, recyclable and carbon-neutral. So when I was given the opportunity to review a few of their products, I leaped at it, and have quickly discovered one of my favorite new brands.

Hummingbird Aromatherapeutic Incense: $15

I love burning incense, and in recent months have gotten used to woodsy, smokey varieties, so it was a pleasure to be introduced to the brand's Hummingbird Aromatherapeutic Incense. Scented with ylang ylang, citrus and peppermint, it's warm and uplifting with a blend of florals, orange and mint. The sweet scent reminds me of spring, which is especially welcome in the chilly months. I also appreciate that, unlike some incense sticks I've tried, it also burns super consistently. By simply lighting the tip and blowing it out, I can rely on the entire stick fragranced part of the stick burning down until it's been used up. Plus, one dollar from every purchase goes to Conservation Northwest.

Sea Witch Botanicals Humingbird Incense

(via Sea Witch Botanicals)


Candle: Quoth the Raven: $29+

If you're a candle lover, you have to check out the offerings from Sea Witch Botanicals. Their candles are made with soy wax and scented with plant-based essential oils to provide glorious scents, such as the orange, cinnamon and clove in the Quoth the Raven candle. It has such a joyous, slightly spicy scent with a hint of citrus and I can't get enough of it—and the fact it has a wooden wick, which crackles like a fireplace, adds to the cozy factor. I've been burning mine all week while I work, for over 30 hours, and it still appears I have about a quarter of the candle to go—and when I'm done with it, I'm excited to be left with a cool glass receptacle with a raven on one side, and a mystical triangle on the other.

Sea Witch Botanicals Quoth the Raven

(via Sea Witch Botanicals)


Woodland Salve – A Healing Folk Remedy: $12

This unique salve uses a folk remedy to heal and soothe wounds. It's designed for everything from scrapes and bug bites to dry skin, and while I've only really gotten the chance to use it for that last ailment, it's worked wonders for me. First, I must mention its fabulous scent, as it smells like chocolate and orange, with a woodsy incense scent and rosemary layered in. It's also portable and an awesome alternative to petroleum balms while doing a great job to add moisture and softness to dry skin. Just note that it's not for use on the face and lips—but Sea Witch Botanicals also has plenty of products that are.

Sea Witch Botanicals Woodland Salve

(via Sea Witch Botanicals)


Green Fairy Handcrafted Aromatherapeutic Soap: $14

Last, but definitely not least, is Sea Witch Botanicals' Green Fairy Handcrafted Aromatherapeutic Soap. I'm not generally a fan of anise-scented products, and can sometimes find that black licorice smell to be too sickly sweet, but they get the balance just right with this bold soap. It wakes me right up in the mornings and just makes me feel well, and the soap feels great to use. I also like the Sea Witch Botanicals logo, a nautilus shell, imprinted right into the soap. In the future, I'd love to try their other scents, but for now, I can't get enough of this bar.

Sea Witch Botanicals Green Fairy Soap

(via Sea Witch Botanicals)


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