Season 1 Bridgerton Recap—Everything You Need to Know

Season 2 of Bridgerton is almost here. We repeat—Season 2 of Bridgerton is almost here!

Available on Netflix on March 25, the series will finally allow viewers everywhere to see where their favorite characters left off. If you loved the first season as much as we did but need some reminders, we've got you covered. Continue below for our official recap of Bridgerton, Season 1!

1. Who Got Coupled Up?

Daphne and Simon! The two got married and even had a child. Unfortunately, Simon will not be returning to Season 2 and we are very upset.

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2. Who Broke Up?

Anthony and Sienna, the opera singer. Does that mean he will find love in Season 2? We think so!

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3. Who Died?

Lord Featherington. Fun fact: he was already dead in the first book, but they decided to give him a role in the series anyway!




4. Who is Lady Whistledown?

In the end of the first season, we're led to believe that Penelope is in fact Lady Whistledown!


5. What's Going On With the Bridgerton Boys?

Colin left to travel the world, Anthony just got his heart broken and Benedict is really getting into art.


6. What's Going On With the Bridgerton Girls?

Daphne is happily married with a child, Eloise is preparing for the upcoming season and the younger girls are enjoying the merriment of childhood.


7. What's Going On With the Featheringtons?

Penelope is pining over Colin and the women are all mourning the loss of Lord Featherington. Additionally, Marina has left town with the brother of the father of her baby.


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