30 of the Best Quotes From Season 2 of Bridgerton That Also Make Amazing Instagram Captions

Season 2 of Bridgerton officially drops on March 25, and we couldn't be more excited!

This season is all about Anthony Bridgerton's love story, and it's quite a doozy. He wants to be with the season's diamond, but love has other plans. If you plan on watching the second season of Bridgerton, we think you'll enjoy the following 30 quotes that also happen to work as great Instagram captions!

For when your boyfriend is a true gentleman:

"It is not a man's appearance or title that will woo you. It is his mind and sprit that will court yours. He will speak in a manner that only your heart can hear."



For when you're about to face a challenge:

"Oh, I do relish a challenge."

-Lady Danbury


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For when you're wearing an awful outfit:

"I look like a prized calf trussed up for auction."



For when you're outspoken:

"As you very well know, I always have something to say."

-Lady Danbury


For that picture of a rose:

"Every rose does have its thorn, after all."



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For when you won something:

"Beating you feels like any other win, but somehow sweeter."



For that nostalgic photo:

"Poetry is the art of revealing precious truth with words."



For when you're ready to take on the world:

"I assure you that when it comes to action and duty, I shall never be found lacking."



For when you're reading:

"She's too busy reading to notice anything else, as usual."



For when you get accepted into your dream school:

"I'm honored to accept your acceptance."



For when you have to listen to your mom's rules:

"You and your rules."



For when you're moving forward:

"I have left the past behind. You should do the same."



For when you finished last in the race:

"We are not all guaranteed a fairytale ending."



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For when you're always looking to be better:

"There is always more to be achieved."

-Madame Delacroix


For when you're quickly falling in love:

"Love moves swiftly, does it not?"



For when you're drooling over your celeb crush:

"Come now, it is not proper to stare."



For when you have a love-hate relationship with food that's bad for you:

"You are the bane of my existence and the object of all my desires."



For when the day you've been looking forward to is finally here:

"I have faced a thousand tomorrows but they have all been leading to this one."



For when you have a duty:

"We do not have the luxury of choice. We cannot escape our roles."



For when you take care of your pet all day long:

"I give what I have in order to protect you."



For when you have big dreams:

"Your dreams are grander than you let on."



For when you're by yourself, pondering life:

"I do believe we must allow ourselves those private moments so we may face reality armed with our reveries."



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For when you're moving on from a toxic relationship:

"You cannot provide me with what it is I want. What it is I deserve. What everyone deserves."



For when you're with the love of your life:

"Of course I believe in true love. Of course I believe in happy endings. How could I not?"



For when you can't stop thinking about your partner:

"It is maddening. How much you consume my very being."



For when you're loving on your S.O.:

"All I find myself thinking about. All I find myself being able to breathe for… is you."



For when you make a scene wherever you go:

"They cannot possibly say anything about us that we have not heard before."



For when you're looking into your person's eyes:

"Just keep looking at me. No one else matters."



For when you were left behind in the dust:

"The only person you were interested in saving was yourself."



For when you're biting your tongue:

"It has been said that silence can wield more power than words. No one knows that better than me."



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