Austin & Ally Season 4 Character Quiz: Who Are You?

It's the big day! The first episode of Austin & Ally's 4th season, "Buzzcuts & Beginnings," airs tonight on the Disney Channel! How you are celebrating? Get today off to the right start by taking our quiz and finding out which Austin & Ally character you're most similar to!austin and ally character quiz

To find out if you're Ally, Austin, Dez or Trish, answer the questions below, tally up your A's, B's, C's and D's and find your result at the bottom of the page!

1. What's your role at a party?

A. Making jokes

B. Mingling with new friends

C. Arranging activities

D. Being a wallflower and observing

2. What's your dream job?

A. Filmmaker

B. Rockstar


D. Playwright

3. What's your usual hangout?

A. The park

B. The theater

C. Everywhere!

D. Home

4. What's your dream house?

A. Something modern

B. A mansion

C. The White House

D. A country cottage

5. What color do you like best?

A. Orange

B. Yellow

C. Blue

D. Red

6. What's your special skill?

A. Making people laugh

B. Making music

C. Taking charge

D. Writing

7. What's your greatest fear?

A. Loneliness

B. Obscurity

C. Powerlessness

D. Being in the spotlight

If you got mostly A's, click here for your result!

If you got mostly B's, click here for your result!

If you got mostly C's, click here for your result!

If you got mostly D's, click here for your result!

Comment below with the Austin & Ally character you're most like, and have your friends take the quiz, too! You can also join our fan clubs at Sweety High!