Need a Last-Minute Valentine's Present? Seattle Chocolate's Sweet Offerings Are Just the Thing

Maybe it's because I live in the Pacific Northwest, but Seattle Chocolate has quickly become my go-to chocolate company for gifts and gatherings—as well as treats to myself when I need a little bit of pampering.

Not only does the brand have high-quality chocolate, but they're masters of both classic and innovative flavor pairings, and unlike some premium chocolate companies, they're super affordable, too. They even donate 10% of net profits to support girls through Girls Inc. And their holiday offerings are unparalleled.

So, if you're still scrambling to find something to impress a special someone this Valentine's Day, Seattle Chocolate has some amazing options for you. They gave me the chance to try out everything they're offering, and I can tell you that these goodies are sure to impress.

Berry in Love Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar: $4.75

Chocolate-dipped strawberries are a V-Day classic but can be expensive and run the risk of getting all mushy in the middle before you can even eat them all. Lucky for all of us, this Berry in Love Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar is the next best thing. It's packed with real dried strawberries so that each bite tastes like fresh fruit slathered in rich 60% dark chocolate. The result is a flavor that's just as romantic, without any of the mess—or the expense.

Seattle Chocolate berry in love bar

(via Seattle Chocolate)


Like You a Latte Milk Chocolate Truffle Bar: $4.75

This bar is perfect for the coffee lover in your life. The Like You a Latte Milk Chocolate Truffle bar tastes like a creamy mocha latte, complete with (decaf!) espresso and crunchy bits of demerara sugar and coffee beans. They'll definitely taste the coffee when they bite into this unique bar.

Seattle Chocolate Like You a Latte Truffle Bar

(via Seattle Chocolate)


Tart & Soul White and Dark Truffle Bar: $4.75

My personal favorite of the Valentine's bars from Seattle Chocolate is the Tart & Soul White and Dark Truffle Bar. Bite in and you'll get a hint of bright lemon with a hint of tartly sweet raspberries, all blended together with smoothly contrasting white and dark chocolates, as well as crunchy bits of biscotti. It's a taste of spring for anyone who is so over the winter and got gobbled up in an instant in my household.

Seattle Chocolate Tart and Soul White and Dark Chocolte Bar

(via Seattle Chocolate)


Take Me Anywhere Heart Box:  $21

For anyone who prefers a little more variety, the Take Me Anywhere Heart Box is a fantastic option. Coming in a cute heart-shaped container, featuring travel by bike, hot air balloon and cruise ship, it contains individually wrapped truffles in six different flavors. While the fruity Pink Bubbly sparkles in your mouth with its popping candy pieces, their signature Milk Chocolate truffle is full of classic milk chocolate flavor, and their Hazelnut Butter truffle will remind you of dreamy Nutella, with crisp rice for a nice crunchy texture. Their Salted Almond truffles contain nice chunks of salted almond in dark chocolate, while their Mexican Hot Chocolate comes alive with cinnamon and cayenne and their 72% Dark Origin truffle satisfies real dark chocolate lovers. And since each box contains 18 pieces, there's plenty to share with the one you love.

Seattle Chocolate Take Me Anywhere Heart Box truffles

(via Seattle Chocolate)


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