5 Second Date Ideas That Aren't Dinner or a Movie

Second dates can be awkward.

You know enough about each other to avoid mundane basics, but you likely haven't yet reached that stage where the conversation is free-flowing and completely comfortable. In other words, you still need to suss out if there's really a connection there, and simply grabbing dinner or going to a movie just isn't going to cut it.

If that's the case, check out this list of interesting second date ideas that let you spend some valuable, low-pressure time with the person you potentially want to date.

Try Your Luck at an Escape Room

Escape rooms are super popular right now, and in addition to being wildly entertaining, they're also a solid setting for a second date. Typically these rooms are littered with clues you need to find so you can escape before time runs out, which means heading to one of these fun attractions is a great way to see how (and even if) you and your date work together as a team. If you're able to escape in the allotted time (and without bickering with one another), chances are a third date is on the horizon.


Visit a Museum

For something a bit less intense, try going to a local museum. You can meander at your own pace so there's no pressure, and it's a subtle but effective way to learn more about your date's likes and dislikes, while also sharing some of your own. Being surrounded by art or other exhibits, along with plenty of people, also means you'll likely cut down on those awkward moments that can sometimes plague a second date. What's more? If the outing isn't going all that well, the museum itself can function as a fun and cultural distraction.


Do an Art Project

If you or your date have a creative side, why not channel that energy into a fun art project? There are plenty of places where the two of you can try your hand at perfecting a painting or decorating a ceramic mug. The act of painting is relaxing (a plus if you're stressed about the date), and since it can also be a tad distracting, it's a great way for you and your date to get to know each other a bit better without feeling like you're peppering the other with questions. What's more? You get to walk away from the date with a cool new piece of art to put on display!

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Go to a Sporting Event

If sports are more your speed, go ahead and support your hometown team. Since a professional sporting event might be a bit too pricey, heading out to watch a local high school or college game is also an option. Much like doing an art project, this is a fun, low-pressure way to learn more about the person who could be your future S.O. Not only are you watching something that theoretically interests both of you (hello, bonding!), but if the conversation lags or gets a tad awkward, the game provides a perfect distraction.


Go for a Hike

For some, mixing a date with fitness might be a nightmare, but hear us out: Going for a hike or jog with your date can actually be pretty fun. For starters, it gives the two of you some uninterrupted time to get to know one another better while also releasing some feel-good endorphins. That means you'll feel happier and less stressed—a plus no matter what date you're on. It's also a great way to see how compatible you two are. And if you're up for a little fun competition, you could even have a friendly race or relay.

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