Secret Color Extensions By Demi Lovato!

Demi Lovato has been rocking fierce hair color for years, but now she's helping fans do the same, without the permanence of dyes, with the Secret Color hair extensions line!secret color hair extensions demi lovato

In the past, Demi has dyed her hair wild shades of blue, purple, pink, green, red and more. With Secret Color, Lovatics can add a vibrant splash of blue, purple, pink or red to their hair!

The colored extensions are attached to a special headband that hides seamlessly under the hair. It's easy to put on, and stays in place until you want to remove it!

Secret Color hair extensions are washable and can be straightened or curled to create exactly the look you want.

Secret Color gives you the chance to pick the color that suits you best and wear it with confidence. You can even wear more than one color at once for an even bigger statement!

The color extensions were designed by Demi, with assistance from her hair and makeup artist, Jill Powell

They're available at the Secret Color website for $19.95, plus $5.95 processing and handling for the continental United States. We hope they'll be available in stores soon!

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