The One Secret to Getting an Influencer-Worthy Mirror Pic EVERY Time

Do you ever create a killer outfit and don't know who to share it with?

Since most of us don't have a lot of places to go these days, we've resorted to sharing our lives, and outfits, on social media. Whether it's a fun picture on Instagram or a 30-second clip on TikTok, now more than ever, there are so many ways to show what we're up to.

If you've been wanting to upload an OOTD, or a simple mirror pic, we're willing to bet you've run into some issues. The lighting probably wasn't great, the mirror wasn't super clean and maybe the angle was just off—right? So, how exactly do our favorite influencers get amazing mirror pics? Keep reading to find out their secret.

At this point, you're probably at the edge of your seat. So, what is it that influencers do? How do they get such a perfect mirror pic every single time? We hate to break it to you—but they don't use a mirror.


We know, what? How is that possible? It sure looks like a mirror pic, how could it not be? Well, here is what they do—instead of having to find a mirror that's wide and tall enough to capture their body, without having to clean it to make it look perfectly crystal clear and without having to find perfect lighting, they use something else—a phone.

If you really think about it, it makes perfect sense. They set up their phone (probably on a tripod) and get to snapping away. A lot of influencers will hold another phone in their hand (always with a super cute case) and pretend to take a photo. However, in reality, the other phone is the one taking the picture.


We know—mind blown! So, the next time you see a "mirror pic" on Instagram, but for some reason don't see the actual mirror, you're now in on the secret. Plus, since you know what to do, you can create the perfect "mirror pic" too!

So, how did we learn this little tidbit of information? Kara Jewel revealed the secret on her TikTok, and everyone seemed to have the same shocked reaction that we did.

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