SECRET NUMBER Share the Meaning of 'DOXA' and a Special Message to LOCKEYS

There truly never has been a better time to love the multinational K-pop group SECRET NUMBER.

Today, May 24, the six-member girl group made a major comeback with their sixth single album, 독사 (DOXA), and it's a big cause for celebration. The title single "DOXA" is a bombastic, horn-driven ode about a toxic relationship you just can't help but fall into again and again, inspired by a poisonous snake. The single album also includes "Beautiful One," a fan song love letter to the group's LOCKEY fandom. We had the pleasure of speaking with the stars all about the new comeback, what it's meant to challenge themselves with an exciting new concept and how their latest music showcases their strengths as artists and unity as a group. Read the full interview on "DOXA" below.

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Sweety High: What does your group name, SECRET NUMBER, mean to you?

Léa: SECRET NUMBER is my youth. I hope when I get older and reminisce on my life, SECRET NUMBER will be how I recall my youth.

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Dita: The name SECRET NUMBER to me means "something special" because people often use their special date or number for their password, or in our case, "secret number." We, SECRET NUMBER, want to be that special "thing" that has a place in our listeners' minds and hearts.

Jinny: The meaning of our group name SECRET NUMBER is just like how everyone has their own secret number, such as passcodes, anniversaries, lucky numbers, etc.. We want to be remembered as a unique and special group. Just like the meaning behind our group name, the name SECRET NUMBER is like my lucky number, because I always feel very lucky to be a part of this group.

Soodam:  Just like everyone has their own secret number that they use as a passcode, we hope to be that one unique and precious group to everyone.

Minji: SECRET NUMBER is like a password that I create and keep, just like the literal word. I am very glad to be able to protect and cherish SECRET NUMBER as a member of the group!

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Zuu: It is something special to our fans, to everyone who listens to our music, and to each other.


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SH: Can you each introduce yourselves and your roles within the group?

Léa:  Hi, I'm Léa. I'm the trustworthy and reliable older sister of the group, just like a tree.

Dita: Hi! I'm Dita, the main dancer and the Disney princess of SECRET NUMBER!

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Jinny: Hello, I'm Jinny, aka The Pink Princess, and the main rapper of the group.

Soodam: I'm Soodam, the chic and lovely member of SECRET NUMBER.

Minji: Hello, I'm Minji, the main vocalist of SECRET NUMBER! I'm really happy to be able to introduce myself to the readers of Sweety High through this interview.

Zuu: I'm Zuu, the passionate maknae (the youngest member) in charge of powerfulness.


SH: What is the story behind "DOXA"? What inspired you to write it, and what does the word "doxa" mean?

Jinny: When I first heard the demo of the song, the song was merely about "poison." I thought it was a brilliant theme, which inspired me to think deeper in order to elaborate on the topic. So, I started thinking about all the elements that are related to poison and came across the thought of 독사 (DOXA), which means poisonous snake in Korean. From there, I wrote my rap verse about the extreme tension between lovers, covering the topic of a complicated and toxic relationship by making comparisons to DOXA.


SH: What does the song mean to you, and what do you hope it will mean to your listeners?

Dita: DOXA itself means poisonous snake and the song tells a story about the cycle of a toxic relationship, breaking up and getting back together. It's a fun and catchy song, so even though I hope none of our listeners are in this type of situation, I wish that everyone can enjoy the song and the performance!

Soodam: Just like how the poison spreads throughout the body after being bitten by a venomous snake, you will immediately fall in love with it as soon as you listen to the song, haha. We are back with more vibrant and enticing music.

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SH: Why did this feel like the perfect comeback single? How do you feel it reflects how you've grown as a group since your last release?

Minji: I think the title song, "DOXA" is more conceptual and mature than our previous title track, "TAP." Various elements of the song, such as the intense brass sound that starts the song, the high notes of the bridge and the rap lyrics will all make your heart beat faster.

Above all, while "TAP" presented more catchy yet lyrical melodies to the listeners, "DOXA" is more intense and impactful, so we challenged ourselves to master this new concept. Please stay tuned to the new SECRET NUMBER!

Zuu: We have always made new attempts at different concepts for all of our albums. This time, again, we have tried something new, which I think is the most powerful concept that we have challenged ourselves to so far. I'm confident that we have shown an improved version of ourselves through the intense acting in the music video.

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SH: Is there anything else we should know about the single?
Léa: We continue to challenge ourselves to new concepts. I wish to show the audience the feminine side of us in this album.

Jinny: Our sixth single includes SECRET NUMBER's first fan song "Beautiful One." I wrote messages that I, along with my members, would like to deliver to fans, LOCKEYS. It was also our third anniversary since our debut on May 19, 2023, so I hope LOCKEYS can think of our sixth single as our special anniversary gift for them. Thank you, and love you always LOCKEYS!

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