See the Real Me With Bridgit Mendler!

Bridgit Mendler appears in a new spot for the See the Real Me campaign from Clean & Clear! In the video, she takes us into her own life as a college student at USC.See The Real Me Bridgit Mendler

Though Bridgit is well known to many of us as a musician and the star of Good Luck Charlie, Bridgit spent the beginning of her college career keeping her famous identity a secret from classmates and teachers.

When an anthropology professor asked Bridgit to create a report on what an anthropologist would have to say about her life, she felt like she was put on the spot.

She wanted to be just another normal student on campus, and was afraid that her fame might make her seem so different from her classmates.

But when Bridgit told her story in front of the class, she realized she wasn't so different from her fellow students after all. Her classmates didn't make her feel like she wasn't like them, and she quickly made friends.

The experience taught Bridgit that she doesn't need to typecast herself as any sort of person. She decided she is allowed to define who she will be, and came out much better for it!

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