Selena Gomez Dishes About Her First Kiss

Our girl Selena looked absolutely ravishing in this month's issue of Cosmopolitan UK.  The 18-year-old starlet dished about her "awful" first kiss:

"When I was about 7, I was playing a crayon in a play. This boy backstage really liked me, had a big crush on me and I didn't like him. He was like 'No I like you! I like you!' and he kissed me and I pushed him onto the stage. I was so mad and I ran off and I'm this crayon and I'm like storming off! It was awful but it was really cute (laughs)."

The singer/ actress also revealed her obsession with moisturizers.  "I normally have moisturizer with me at all times, because my skin gets really dry and that's just my skin type. And Carmex for my lips because they get dry."