This Girl Looks Like Selena Gomez AND Our Fave Disney Princess

Valerie B. is just your average student… except two major things set her apart from any individual on this planet.

1. She happens to look strikingly similar to one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, Selena Gomez (nbd, right?).

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2. Valerie, better know as @valblues on Instagram, spends a decent amount of time cosplaying our fave Disney princesses ????.

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So, one day she looks like Selena, the next day she looks like Ariel. Pretty rad, right?

We had the chance to chat with Valerie about what it's like looking just like a mega pop star, what it is she loves about the art of cosplay and how with the magic of hair and makeup you can totally transform yourself.

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Sweety High: Do you remember the first time you were mistaken for Selena Gomez? When was it and how did it happen?

Valerie B.: It happened when I was around 16 years old. I was working at my first retail job and a little girl came up to me and screamed, "Look mommy it's Alex Russo, the wizard!" Her mom told me to play along and pretend I was her. It was the cutest thing! Back then, Selena's TV show Wizards of Waverly Place was very popular.

After that, I started getting stared at in public, especially on the bus. Strangers would come up just to tell me that I look like her. I always take it as a compliment, Selena is a gorgeous girl.


SH: Can you tell us about your most memorable experience getting mistaken as Selena in public?

VB: My most memorable experience was when I went to a Justin Bieber concert with one of my friends. We arrived early and we both had front row tickets. As we were walking in the stadium to get to our seats, we noticed a few girls suddenly getting up. As soon as I sat down they came up and asked me to take group pictures with them. I did not expect that at all and it was quite overwhelming! I felt very awkward and didn't really know what to do at that moment. Nowadays I don't really get mistaken for her.


SH: Do you aim to mimic her style or look like her?

VB: When I was a younger I did, even before I got the comparisons and even before I had an Instagram account. I used to mimic her hairstyles and clothing she wore on her television show. Back then, I was still trying to figure out who I was and I was taking inspiration from various celebrities.

I've always loved Selena, she's a great actress and role model. I relate to her a lot, especially since we have a very similar ethnic background (we are both mixed Latinas).

Now that I'm 22, I've found my own sense of style. I just like to wear what pleases me and what suits my body. You'll either see me wearing something minimalistic like a simple white shirt and jeans, an LBD or sweatpants or leggings if I'm going to school. I'm a very simple girl, but I've also discovered a great passion for makeup in the past four years. I sometimes take inspiration from Selena's makeup artist, but I'm also inspired by others such as Kandee Johnson, Lisa Eldridge, Wayne Goss and Amanda Ensing, just to name a few. They're all amazing.

Sometimes, no matter the hairstyle I'm sporting or the makeup look I have on that day or on a specific picture, some people on social media will always say that I'm trying to look like her, followed by hateful comments.

I'm honestly just trying to be me, and I've learned to keep calm and ignore the negativity. It's hard sometimes. Some days it affects me, but I always try to remember that life is too short to waste your time with any hate coming from social media! I am so much more than the I way look, and that's why I share not only pictures of myself on Instagram, but also the things I love and that bring happiness to my life.


SH: What are your tips for nailing Selena's look?

VB: Three things! 1.) Silky hair. Selena is known for her gorgeous locks. A good conditioner is always a must—and if you want to take it a step further, curling your hair very loosely with either a straightener or curling wand will do the trick.

2.) A nice tan. Most pictures I've seen of her, she always looks glowy and sun-kissed. You can go for a self-tanner in a bottle, or if you're lazy like me, try out Jergens Natual Glow 3 Days to Glow Moisturizer. It gives you a bit of color gradually, and it looks very natural! It also doesn't streak, which is great.

3.) Mascara to make your eyes pop! And nude lipstick.


SH: When did you get into cosplay?

VB: I got into cosplay back in 2013 when there was the first-ever Comic-Con in my city. I've always been obsessed with Halloween and since dressing up only one day during the entire year just wasn't enough I decided to go to the convention in costume. I remember I went as Padmé Amidala. From there, I started cosplaying various other characters, especially Disney ones.


SH: What is your fave cosplay look you've created so far?

VB: That's a tough question. I would have to say it's a tie between Ariel and Moana. It's not just because of their appearance, but how I feel when I'm cosplaying either of them. I connect to a part of these two characters and how they are. Sometimes, there's just something about a character that reminds us of ourselves.

I like to challenge myself and experiment. I usually aim for the cartoon-brought-to-life look (or at least try) just because it's so much fun to recreate. But that's just what I like to do. At the end of the day, there's no specific way to cosplay! Do what makes you happy.


SH: How long does it typically take for you to transform yourself into these characters?

VB: It usually takes a few hours for the makeup, depending on the character I'm recreating and how many times I've done that character in the past. I've done Ariel and Anastasia so many times that I've figured out a routine that only takes an hour. I did Moana recently for an event and it took me three hours since I was still figuring things out and I kept referring to pictures of her to be as accurate as I could. The hardest part for me is putting on the circle lenses. Having anything close to my eyes freaks me out!

Once the makeup is done, all there's left to do is put on a wig (sometimes no wig is needed) and the costume which usually doesn't take more than 15 minutes—30 minutes if I have to put on a corset.

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SH: What is it that you love most about cosplay?

VB: What I love most about it is that you can cosplay whomever you want, no matter your age, race and size. Another thing I love is the cosplay community. It's filled with amazing people.

I love going to conventions and getting the chance to meet new people who share the same interest and hobby as I do. Also, it always makes my day when I meet little kids who think I'm the actually character and come up to me for pictures and a hug. I love making kids smile. I try to bring a little magic to them, especially for those who can't go to Disney World or Disneyland.

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