Selena Gomez Greets Fans at Kmart This Weekend

We all know Selena Gomez is a triplet threat. She's an amazing actress on Wizards of Waverly Place, is an all-star singer, and now is our favorite fashion designer.

We absolutely love everything in her Dream Out Loud Collection.

On Saturday tons of tweens and teens lined up at Kmart's Norridge store for a chance to see the pretty starlet.

Selena was promoting her Dream Out Loud clothing line and her fans jumped at the chance to get to meet the tween queen.

The first 100 fans got the chance to meet Selena Gomez and received a poster signed by her. While the rest of the fans didn't get to meet Selena, they did get to stand in the aisles and get a glimpse of the Disney star. They were also given unsigned posters and coupons for items in the collection.

So what goes through Selena Gomez's head when she sees the crowds of fans waiting to meet her? "It's definitely an adrenaline rush. I never quite expect to see this many people, and it's just so nice."

We love how sweet and modest Selena is!