Selena Gomez' Hair Stylist Shares What to Consider Before Making a Drastic Change

Ever wonder what it would be like to finally go for a jaw-dropping hair change?

Marissa Marino of celebrity favorite 901 Salon has worked with everyone from Selena Gomez to Britney Spears, and she's giving Sweety High the 411 on what to know before committing to a crazy transfor-mane-tion.

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Keep reading for all her pointers, and then decide if you want to make your way to the salon.

1. It's a Rough Road Ahead for Platinum Blondes

Dreaming of Selena-level Nirvana-blonde hair? Not so fast! Our pro says you need to make sure your hair is healthy enough for this process. "You don't want to sacrifice the length and health of your hair just to attain a color," Marissa says.  She also warns that you need to go into it knowing that it will be a lot of maintenance. Realistically, prepare to be in that salon chair at least every month as root touch-ups should be no more than 30 days apart.


2. Electric Blue? A-OK as Long as It's Not a Permanent Hue

"These colors can be very fun," notes Marissa. The downside is that wearers tend to easily tire of such a drastic hair color. She suggests making sure your stylist is using a semi-permanent color so that it will be easily removed when you no longer want it. The last thing you want is having to stick to pink hair when you have a big photographic event coming up like prom or graduation. Trust us, the images will haunt you for decades to come.


3. Texture Changes Need Preparation

Switching your hair's natural texture with chemicals is a big step for anyone who hasn't done much with their tresses. If you're thinking of a Brazilian, Keratin treatment or even a curly perm, you need to make sure you prepare in advance. If you typically highlight or color your hair, you should do so before the treatment. If not, the coloring will strip out your expensive  Brazilian or Keratin treatment. "On the other hand," says Marissa, "if you color your hair darker, you will want to do your color after your treatment. The process of a Keratin will lighten your color." 


4. You New 'Do Will Need a Little TLC Every Day

Although it's fun to consider a drastic hair change, the reality is that we should all be taking daily steps to give our locks TLC. Treating your hair well regularly will set you up for success once you do decide to take a big hair step. Our pro suggests using conditioning treatments weekly: "My favorite is Olaplex No. 3," she says. She swears by its ability to keep your hair continually strong, ready for whatever you throw at it. "Think of it as the strength training you do in your workouts, except for your hair," she says. 


Now that you know what it will really take to achieve a drastic mane change, click HERE for the best hat to complement your new locks.