Selena Gomez is one of our ultimate role models.

Whatever she might be dealing with—from her heartbreaking romantic drama to her personal health issues—she shows strength and courage that’s beyond inspiring. Not to mention, she’s Instagram’s most popular user, so she’s basically the whole package in terms of life goals.

If you love Selena as much as we do, what better way to show your obsession for the star than through your Insta? Keep scrolling for 14 of Selena’s song lyrics that make excellent Instagram captions.

For a photo of you wrapped around your S.O.:

“Can’t keep my hands to myself. I mean, I could, but why would I want to?”

-“Hands to Myself”

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For the pic announcing your reunion with a former love:

“The heart wants what it wants.”

-“The Heart Wants What It Wants”


For the selfie announcing your newly single status:

“If you want me, I’m accepting applications.”

-“Slow Down”


For a photo of you and your S.O. posing in front of a scenic background:

“Our love was made to rule the world.”

-“Rule the World”


For a photo of you at the finish line of your first half-marathon:

“I can’t believe that my body’s still moving.”

-“Save the Day”

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For a selfie of you making a goofy face:

“I wouldn’t wanna be anybody else.”

-“Who Says”


For a photo of you staring up at the stars:

“You can still find a peaceful place. Close your eyes until you’re floating up in outer space.”



For a candid photo of you with your arms spread wide:

“I feel like I’ve awakened lately. The chains around me are finally breaking.”



For a photo you and your BFF at the end of a long hike:

“We are survivors of the wild.”


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For a photo of you and your friends before a school dance:

“Let’s go take over the dance floor.”



For a photo of you and bestie staring lovingly at each other:

“A day without you is like a year without rain.”

-“A Year Without Rain”


For a photo of  you balancing precariously in some crazy high heels:

“Odds of me tripping are like next to nothing.”

-“Off the Chain”


For a short video of you and your friends jamming out to the radio on a road trip:

“The music isn’t on till it’s way too loud.”

-“When the Sun Goes Down”

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For a photo of you staring longingly at your S.O.:

“I’ve been running through the jungle, I’ve been running with the wolves, to get to you.”



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