Selena Gomez's Polo Troubles!

Selena Gomez may be an amazing actress, singer, and fashion icon, but there are still some things that even our girl Sel can't do!

In her hit new summer flick Monte Carlo, Selena's character, Grace Bennett, impersonates a British heiress named Cordelia. In the original script, Grace was an amazing polo player and Cordelia could not care any less about the game. However, Selena's difficulty with perfecting her polo skills led the writers to change the plot!

Selena revealed, "I had two straight weeks of polo training and I was so bad at it that they rewrote the script! I could not get it. The polo stick was so heavy, and I was already trying to focus on the horse. So in the end, they taught me how to ride western style, which was easier for me. That was better."

Props for trying Selena! And you have nothing to worry about—we (and one particular male teen superstar) still think you are totally amazing!