Definitive Ranking of All 13 Songs on Selena Gomez's Rare Album

Selena Gomez hasn't released an album in five years—and since 2015'Revival, a lot has happened in the star's life.

From thinking she might die following kidney failure, to being a tabloid fixture due to her whirlwind romance with The Weeknd and rocky reunion with longtime on-and-off boyfriend Justin Bieber, Selena has been through the wringer.

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But now, as she releases her latest album, Rare, the singer reflects on the trials and tribulations that led her to a seemingly happy place today. So, which songs on the 13-track selection strike a chord with us most (and least)?

Keep reading for our definitive ranking of all 13 songs on Selena Gomez' Rare album.

13. 'Let Me Get Me'

We're all for an empowering, self-love anthem, but "Let Me Get Me" could have been executed differently. The powerful message is buried under a forgettable melody, therefore making it the least memorable track on the album—and therefore least liked.


12. 'Ring'

"Ring" and "Let Me Get Me" are interchangeable if you ask us. We love a confident girl singing about her worth, but while the message here is strong, the melody is not. She delivers this much more powerfully in the album's title track, ranked much higher on the list below.


11. 'Fun'

The problem we have with "Fun" is the same issue we have with Selena's 2015  hit, "Hands to Myself." When singing a song about an inescapable intrigue for someone, shouldn't the music be slightly more alluring? We don't feel like the midtempo melody fits the lyrics here—or simply put: The song just isn't fun—therefore landing a low spot in the ranking.


10. 'Cut You Off'

If we only based "Cut You Off" on its lyrics, we'd say it's a powerful, relatable, I'm-finally-over-my-crappy-ex anthem—but much like No. 11, it's hard to really feel the track because we can't get down with its accompanying melody, which isn't somber or uplifting. Had it taken one of those two musical routes, we'd be, well, singin' a different tune—but because the song doesn't evoke its emotional potential, it's gotta sit near the bottom of the list.


9. 'Lose You to Love Me'

When this song dropped, it was a welcome reprieve from Selena's surface-level, EDM-laden tracks that rose her to pop fame. It proved she's all grown up, taking responsibility for embracing a toxic relationship, learning from it and getting to a happy place. The song's message not only resonates with our ears, but made us take a deep look into our own lives and realize the importance of truly loving ourselves before anyone respectable can love us back. Our only qualm is the background melody of the Julia Michaels-co-written track sounds too much like her single "Issues"—we wish Julia took a more unique approach when writing the debut single off Selena's album.


8. 'Crowded Room'

There's nothing wrong with "Crowded Room." It's easy on the ears, the lyrics are fun, but it's simply just O-K, ranking it smack dab in the middle of the list. The song has little progression, and we don't think 6LACK's guest vocals really added anything to the overall production.


7. Kinda Crazy

Selena sounds all sorts of sly on this telling track about a person who keeps giving her mixed signals, revealing they're not in the right headspace. We'll take a wild guess who she's referring to on this one!


6. 'A Sweeter Place'

Where 6LACK's inclusion on "Crowded Room" seems unnecessary, Kid Cudi's vocals on "A Sweeter Place" feel perfectly fitting. The song is bittersweet, with a hopeful melody, yet lyrics that reflect the darkness Selena experienced during her worst woes. Kid Cudi's contribution at the end simply reiterates Selena's dreams for better days to come. All throughout, we're left feeling uplifted, knowing there's light at the end of the tunnel.


5. 'Dance Again'

This song brings a smile to our faces—not just because of its light, groovy sound, but because we envision how the singer must have felt when she could, essentially, dance again, following months of near-death ailment. We imagine the combination of her physical health and emotional well-being following her JB breakup aftermath made her feel incapacitated, therefore giving her a joyous renewal when her lowest lows passed over time.


4. 'Look at Her Now'

On probably the danciest track of this mostly mellow album, Selena recalls how far she's come since a toxic romance that left her dry. Equal parts uplifting, reflective and empowering, we completely vibe with the singer in this invigorating single.


3. 'Rare'

Selena says it best when she croons: "I don't have it all, I'm not claiming to. But I know that I'm special (so special)." The star may not have realized her worth in the past, but this song proves she knows her value now—and she's not about to let anyone stand in the way of her self-confidence. Empowering, melodic and relatable, "Rare" has all the ingredients to a hit, and we'll be happy to hear it soar. 


2. 'Vulnerable'

This song is a breakthrough for not only Selena, but also Jon Bellion, who co-wrote and co-produced the gem. Calling the song "one of my favorite records I've worked on," Jon Tweeted that "sonically it sounds like an all white beach party in Dubai with your friends … And @selenagomez vocal sounds like a hot scoop of butter on a flapjack." Captivating and magnetic, this song is the singer at her most mature, willing to let go of her inhibitions and fall in love.


1. 'People You Know'

On what's got to be Selena's best song to date, the somber melody accompanies bittersweet lyrics reflecting on being incredibly close to someone one moment and basically strangers the next. Did she seek inspiration from Gotye's 2011 hit? We'll never know—but what makes it even sadder to swallow is her matter-of-factness on the track. There's no anger or tears—just acceptance that it is what it is. The song explores the harsh reality of many breakups, and Selena's most recent is one we're all too familiar with.

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