Bea Miller OFFICIALLY Touring with Selena Gomez; Tells Us the Singer Is "Incredible!"

It's official – dreams do come true! Bea Miller confirmed TODAY that she'll be opening for Selena Gomez on her upcoming Revival tour!


Starting May 6, Selena's tour kicks off in Las Vegas, NV with her other amazing opening act DNCE. So far, it looks like Bea is scheduled to hit the stage with Selena on the May 22, May 29 and June 11 dates of the North American tour. This is seriously one we CAN'T miss this season!

As if WE aren't totally inspired by how talented and amazing Selena is, Bea feels the same, telling Sweety High at We Day in L.A. recently, "I think [Selena's] incredible. I actually watched her last Saturday Night Live performance and I was like, 'Oh my god!' She really is killing it right now. She looks so good!"


So, just what makes the "Hands to Myself" singer SO FAB?

"I think [Selena] is really comfortable with herself on stage, and she really just – she like kind of puts herself into and completely immerses herself in whatever she's doing," Bea raved. "So I think that's really cool. It's really inspiring to see people who clearly are happy to be doing what they're doing."

The girl power didn't stop there! Bea also gushed about fellow female powerhouses Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato.

"There are always a lot of strong females in music," she said. "I still – I love Demi, I love her to death. I love Miley. I've always loved Miley. As much as there are some things she does that aren't necessarily great, I think that she just does what she wants and does what makes her happy, which, in itself, is really amazing."


Even though Bea is also an amazing performer and will KILL IT on tour, she's still just like us and gets a few butterflies before getting up in front of crowds.

"When I'm nervous I like to completely pretend that I'm not actually about to go do whatever it is that I'm nervous about," she said. "Like, when I'm nervous I'm like, 'I'm just chilling, it's just life, I'm not about to go do anything that's crazy.' And then I walk on stage just feeling completely relaxed and I wasn't even overthinking."

Don't worry Bea, your vocals on the first album were INSANE, we're not worried!!! The singer's musical debut, Not An Apology, had some of our favorite jams like "Fire N Gold" and "Young Blood." She's currently working on her second album and we can't wait! She described her new tunes to us as "older,grittier, and vibier," which fans will get a sneak peek of during this tour!


There's no doubt we will see a SLEW of stars on the Revival tour, but we are most hoping for a Taylor Swift sighting! See the most glorious timeline of their BFFship HERE.