Selena Gomez's Backwards Top Is Totally Fashion-Forward

Selena Gomez has been all over the news this week after she was spotted in public with her crop top on backward. While the public generally seems split as to whether the look is hot or not, we're totally onboard. In fact, the backward style has been around for a bit, and we think it's here to stay!

Amanda Seyfried intentionally wore this shimmery went purple look backward at a movie premiere back in 2010. We don't know about you, but we think the zipper and black trim make for a stylish accent. Selena clearly thought the same thing.

Taylor Swift recently caught flack for wearing this harness backward over her "Fight Song" top. Like Taylor explained later, she just looks like she's getting ready for an adventure and we kind of love it.

Demi Lovato's bold look was the result of her choice to wear this berry-colored dress backward at the Latin GRAMMYS in 2011. Wearing it the right way just wouldn't have been fierce enough!

Even accessories deserve a unique spin. Jennifer Lawrence has been rocking necklaces backward at massive red carpets, and we're not hating it.

Any stars we missed? Tell us whether you'd ever wear your dress backward below, or share pics with us at!