Selena Gomez Wants Fans to Help Pick Her Scent!

After her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, successfully launched his perfume Someday, Selena Gomez decided it was time for her to create her own fragrance for her fans.

But rather than create it on her own, she wants her fans to be part of the creating magic!

This fall, Selena's fans can log into and vote on their favorite fragrance notes to be used in the perfume.

And there is a pretty big incentive to logging onto the site. Apparently the first 50,000 who register will receive a free bottle of Selena's perfume before it even hits stores!

But get this, there's more! One lucky winner will receive an all expense paid trip to Selena's fragrance lab where she will help Selena pick the final scents to be included in her official perfume.

We can't wait to smell it!

Who do you think will have the better smelling perfume, Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez?