20 Self-Care Gift Ideas That'll Help Anyone Recover From 2020

We don't think a lot of people would rank 2020 at the top of their list of favorite years.

After this doozy of a year, we could all benefit from a solid break and a hefty amount of self-care, which is precisely why we think thoughtful, restorative gifts are going to be all the rage this season. Not sure where to get started? We have 20 self-care-enhancing gift ideas below for every type of giftee.

Emily McDowell & Friends Real-Life Hero Bundle: $40

All of us can use a pep talk every now and then, and these cute stationery and desk items from Emily McDowell & Friends are designed to do just that! The Thank You for Existing Sticky Pack is full of sticky notes with delightful positive messaging, while the "OK, Let's Do This" mug will remind you that anything is possible if you apply yourself. Plus, the Gorgeous and Amazing Journal will help you remember how important you are every day you write in it.


(via Emily McDowell)


Ivory Paper Co. Winter Trees 12 Month Daily Planner: $65

Take it from us—getting your stuff together is definitely a form of self-care, and this fabulous year-long planner will get you there. It comes with pages for your daily schedules and to-dos, and even contains a hydration chart so you're always reminded to drink water. You can also select your planner start date, depending on when you want your year of getting organized to officially began, and even personalize the planner with your name for free.


(via Ivory Paper Co.)


The Fangirl's Journal for Leveling Up: $14.99

This unique journal, curated by author and video games writer Sam Maggs, is a must for any self-proclaimed fangirl. It's a guide to discovering your sense of self through the fandoms that inspire you while uncovering your creativity. Basically, you have your own superpowers, and this journal will help you tap into them.


(via Quirkbooks)


Svaha Trailblazer Women Socks: $39.99

Few things inspire us like looking up to the incredible women who paved the way for others, and these super comfy socks are all about honoring them. They feature NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart and primatologist Jane Goodall in glorious colors, and we can't stop wearing them.


(via Svaha)


Crystal Hill Organics Crystal Harmony Bath Salts ($32), Crystal Harmony Body Serum ($52) and Crystal Harmony Collection ($18)

Crystal Hill Organics is a company dedicated to creating organic bath and beauty products free of synthetics, which are then blended with high-vibration crystals so that they're as good for your soul as they are for your body. This set is all about bringing in all things good. The luxurious bath salts and body serum are infused with green quartz crystal to bring opportunity and abundance, while the tuning-fork charged green aventurine quartz, emerald, moss agate and a quartz point crystals were selected to attract success.


(via Crystal Hill Organics)


Zum Chakra Bath Salts: $22.95

We love cozy bath items that also bring in an element of mindfulness, and it pretty much doesn't get better than this bath salts set from Zum. It contains seven separate tubes of bath salts, each fragranced with a different aromatherapeutic fragrance designed to open your chakras and restore balance as you soak.

(via Indigo Wild)


Fizz & Bubble Bubble Bath Cupcakes: $10

Not that there's anything wrong with traditional bath bombs, per say, but we always think they're even more fun with a unique twist, such as these cupcake-shaped bubble bath bombs from Fizz & Bubble. Each one is inspired by a delicious cupcake flavor that smells so good you'll be tempted to eat it, and leaving it under running water creates one of the most decadent bubble bath experiences out there.


(via Fizz & Bubble)

Country Bathhouse How Sweet It Is Whipped Soaps ($14) and Shower Steamers ($6)

For those of us without tubs, or who want a luxurious spa day experience but don't have the time to luxuriate in the tub, we highly recommend Country Bathhouse's offerings. Their How Sweet It Is Whipped Soaps have the consistency of frosting and come in incredible scents including Zen, Morning Joe and Lavender Vanilla, cleansing with a light raw cane sugar exfoliant while leaving you smelling extra yummy. Meanwhile, their aromatherapeutic Shower Steamers are simply left on the shower floor while you wash, with the water and steam mingling to bring their bold, results-driven fragrances, such as Serenity, Head Relief and Sinus Relief right to your nose.


(via Country Bathhouse)

InnerSense Pure Travel Trio: $22

On the surface, this might look like any other organic haircare set, but look a little closer and you'll discover something much deeper. Consisting of a Pure Harmony Hairbath, Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner and Sweet Spirit Leave in Conditioner, each small bottle also comes with a hair ritual that involves centering yourself and visualizing the results you want in order to manifest them.


(via InnerSense)


Vela Lovers Set: $85

Vela Negra is the first candle we've ever seen that utilizes black wax, said to absorb and dispel negative energies when the candles are lit. Their bold and gorgeous scents are inspired by the Afro-Cuban and Guyanese heritage of founder Aisha Cort, and we can't get enough of them. That's why we adore this six-candle set and the way they make us feel.


(via Vela Negra)


Verve Culture Thai For Two Curry Kits: $12

Cooking a wholesome and delicious meal can be such an important act of self-care, but with all of the shopping and prep involved, it can wind up being more of a hassle than it's worth. That's what's so special about these Thai for Two kits from Verve Culture. They're available in green, panang and red curry flavors, including all the herbs, curry and coconut milk you need to craft a truly delicious meal. All you need to do is add the meat and veggies, and you have a flavorful curry ready for you in just ten minutes.


(via Verve Culture)


My French Recipe Baking Mixes: $7.49

When you try your hand at a tasty dessert recipe, but it goes wrong because it's too complicated, that's the opposite of self-care! That's why we're obsessed with these baking mixes from My French Recipe, which allow you to make everything from chocolate lava cakes to crepes, pound cakes, madeleines and even macarons with the easiest recipes around. If you can make cookies or cake from mixes, you can absolutely make these, too!


(via My French Recipe)


Global Grub Mochi Ice Cream Kit ($31.99) and Fortune Cookie Kit ($27.99)

These special dessert kits from Global Grub are perfect for the more experienced home chefs out there, containing almost everything you need to make delicious mochi ice cream balls or fortune cookies in your own kitchen. They're definitely more involved, which will make the process that much more satisfying and healing when the results turn out beautifully.


(via Global Grub)


Inbru Coffee Flavors: $7.75

Has 2020 ruined your daily Starbucks runs? If treating yourself to deliciously flavored coffees was part of your routine, you might find yourself in a bit of a slump after dropping the habit. But Inbru can help you feel like you're getting café quality coffee flavors from the comfort of your own home. Their coffee flavorings are made from California rice hulls infused with aromatics and essential oils. Just add some to your coffee grounds before brewing for full and delicious flavor, with no added calories, carbs, sugar or fat. They currently have 23 flavors available online, including Banana Brûlée, Danish Pastry and Salted Toffee.


(via Inbru)


Karma Nuts Cashew Variety Pack: $14.99

When you get caught up in the hustle and bustle of things, it can be easy to forget to nourish your body. Instead of reaching for a bag of chips or grabbing fast food, why not snack on something that's delicious and ridiculously good for you, like Karma Nuts? Their Wrapped cashews maintain their natural skins, which gives them a satisfying crunch and makes them tastier and more packed with nutrition. This variety pack of roasted and Wrapped cashews comes in scrumptious Sea Salt, Peri Peri, Cinnamon, Toasted Coconut, Golden Turmeric and Cocoa Dusted flavors.


(via Karma Nuts)


HALOmask Sport Mask With Halo Nanofilter Technology: $29.95

If any of your friends or loved ones are still running around with disposable paper masks when they go out, give them an upgrade that'll vastly improve their lives. HALOmask is adjustable, comfortable and breathable, with a nose pad that prevents air leaks and fogged glasses. Plus, it comes with a nano filter that lasts more than 200 hours, so you can feel better about those trips you do have to take outdoors.


(via HALOlife)


Reed's Ginger Binge Box: $25

Taking a more holistic approach to your health this season? Then Reed's holiday Ginger Binge Box might be perfect for you. In the wellness category, it includes Reed's Wellness Ginger Shots in both Daily Ginger and Ginger Energize, plus delicious Reed's Craft Ginger Candy Chews and Reed's Real Ginger Ale in both original and diet. Ginger is a superfood, after all!


(via Reed's)


Addictive Wellness Chocolate: $7.75

Addictive Wellness is a brand that uses the power of adaptogens to make chocolates with some incredible effects. With ingredients including reishi, lion's mane mushroom, ashwagandha, cordyceps and more, each kind of chocolate is designed to enhance everything from focus to tranquility to energy and love, and in our experience, they really do work.


(via Addictive Wellness)


Elements Truffles Chocolate Bars: $7

Elements Truffles is yet another fabulous company dedicated to holistic wellness through unique ingredients in their chocolates. Their clean chocolates are inspired by Ayurveda alternative medicine and include ingredients such as turmeric, ginger and black pepper and moringa for their properties which are said to heal the body and mind. And did we mention they taste really, really good?


(via Elements Truffles)


Cymbiotika Golden Mind ($50) and The Omega ($63)

Cymbiotika is a brand that does things a little differently, specializing in tasty serums packed with vitamins and nutrients to improve energy levels, mental focus and overall well being. Their chai-flavored Golden Mind blend is full of ingredients designed to boost mental performance by reducing mind fog while protecting the brain and promoting its cell growth, while The Omega is all about healthy and fish-free omega 3s for brain health, muscle recovery and helping to prevent health disease. Sounds pretty powerful to us.

Cymbiotika Golden Mind serum

(via Cymbiotika)


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