These Cozy Self-Care Gifts Promote Wellness and Self-Love

What do you gift that person who has everything?

This holiday season, we're taking a slightly different approach to gift-giving, by going off-list and giving more gifts that are all about self-love, wellness and a better understanding of the universe. Curious? Keep scrolling to discover some of our favorite unique gifts this year.

Ohm Store Bowl The Original Ohm – Tibetan Singing Bowl Set: $27.97

Tibetan singing bowls have been used in meditation practices for millennia, and their sound is known to promote deep relaxation while removing tension from the body. The Ohm Store makes this practice super accessible with miniature bowls, available for affordable prices. This hand-hammered brass bowl fits right in your hand, and comes with a wooden striker and hand-sewn cushion so you have everything you need to bask in its healing sounds in your own home, or even on the go—and we can't get enough of the luscious sounds it produces.

the ohm store singing bowl

(via The Ohm Store)

Pawmistry: Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe With Cats: $14.95

If you have a cat-lover in your life, they need a copy of Pawmistry: Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe With Cats. This fun and unique book is all about accessing a whole new portal of mystical discovery, with your own pet cat as your spiritual guide. The book includes everything from tips on how to read a cat's body language to reading toebeans through "pawmistry" and understanding if you have a mystical cat—and, if you're daring enough, deciphering the messages left in your cat's litterbox.

pawmistry unlocking the secrets of the universe

(via Chronicle Books)


House of Intuition Creativity Box: $110 

House of Intuition has some of our favorite intentionally created gifts, and lately, we've felt pulled to their Creativity Box—which also makes a great gift for the creatives in your life. The box contains a Creativity Magic Candle, containing a real gem and scented with essential oils, plus Palo Santo Spray, Pathway Keys Anointing Oil, Opalite Crystal Body Polish, Manifest Magic Dusting Powder, Sun Matches and a Strength & Victory Smudge Kit. If you know someone who's been trying to bring that big idea from concept to reality, help them along with this incredible gift.

house of intuition creativity box

(via House of Intuition)


The Astrology Deck: Your Guide to the Meanings and Myths of the Cosmos: $18.95

Whether you're a big believer in astrology or are a total skeptic, the messages you find in the practice can still be incredibly helpful for guiding mindful living. This unique deck of cards can help even beginners learn its ins and outs through clear and concise flash cards. It'll teach you all about the planets, the signs, the asteroids, the aspects, eclipses and transits, the elements the qualities and lunar phases. That may sound like a lot to memorize, but these cards will help a new fan learn in no time. It also comes with a handy birth chart explaining the 12 houses, to help you better understand all aspects of yourself.

the astrology deck

(via Chronicle Books)


Affirmicious Zodiac Affirmations Deck: $45

For those who are less interested in the big astrological picture, and more focused on their own sign and how it guides them, we highly recommend Affirmicious's Zodiac Affirmations Decks. There are different decks for all 12 signs, so there's a perfect deck for everyone, and each one contains 10 unique affirmations tailored specifically to that sign. Some are designed to reinforce a person's more positive traits, while others make them mindful of their weaknesses, but all are designed to allow anyone to start their day mindfully and positively.

Affirmicious aries deck

(via Affirmicious)


The BodCon Mirror Decals: $20 each

Know someone who could use some positive messaging every time they look in the mirror? The BodCon's Mirror Decals are designed to do just that. Printed with the messages "My Body Is" and "Today I Am," they allow users to write in an affirming message for themself to remember that their body is valued and enough, and that today they are brave, or strong or even grateful. Remind that person on your list just how worthy they are.

the bodcon mirro decals

(via The BodCon)


Zolt +Collagen Boost Variety Pack: $25

Sometimes, it's hard to start thinking positively and taking care of yourself when you're feeling sluggish or unwell. For that person who could use a little boost, we suggest Zolt and their Plant-Powered Superdrink Mixes. Each box contains 10 Mixie sticks with blends designed for wellness, balance and sleep, containing good-for-you natural ingredients to keep you going at every stage of the day. In our experience, they work. Plus, with flavors like Meyer lemon tea, lime mint and ginger honey tea, they taste as good as they'll make you feel.

Zolt Collagen Boost Pack

(via Zolt)


Nine Arches: $44

We all know that person who needs a little push in the right direction to finally go after their dreams. Nine Arches is a wholly unique and fascinating real-life adventure game that can inspire powerful real-world advancement. Essentially, the game revolves around a deck of cards, each with its own special meaning, which can be found in the accompanying Official Archer's Guide. Every card assigns you with a task to fulfill, whether that's doing breathing exercises, breaking out of your routine with a surprise or spending valuable time among the trees. You then complete these little missions, with the goal of collecting points and passing through each of the game's titular Nine Arches. It's a powerful tool for breaking out of the monotony and finally doing what you were always destined to do.

nine arches card game

(via Nine Arches)


Herspace Layered Living Planner: $58

We think journaling is one of the most powerful ways to connect with yourself and advance your own wellness. However, proactive journaling on your own can take time and practice, which is why we love guided journals like this gorgeous Layered Living Planner. It's not just a planner, but also a living system for women on a mission with weekly challenges, and spaces to reflect, gauge progress and get inspired, so that every new day feels fresh and meaningful.

herspace layered living journal

(via Herspace)


Blkbx: Why R U Hding: $45

Sometimes, the very best way we can take care of ourselves is by connecting in a meaningful way with others. That's why we can't get enough of the new Blkbx: Why R U Hding card game, which is all about opening up, and getting to the root of what you're hiding from yourself. It's meant to inspire deep conversation and introspection, to help absolutely anyone reach a better understanding of their true self, whether that's with a friend, a partner or the self.


Blkbx wht r u hding game

(via Grace Gaustad)


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