5 Self-Care Gifts to Get Yourself With All That Christmas Cash

Did Christmas 2021 leave you with extra cash (or gift cards, more likely) from family members who were simply at a loss when it came to what to get you as a gift?

If you're like many of us, the answer is a big yes—and if there isn't already something on your own wish list you can use that holiday money on, then it's time to treat yourself with some gifts that you'll never regret: self-care gifts!

While shopping can be a form of self-care in and of itself, here are some self-care gifts to get yourself with all that Christmas cash:

1. Soy Candles

Is there anything more soothing than (safely) lighting up a giant candle in one of your favorite, room-filling scents? Whether you're a fan of the classic vanillas that make the whole space smell like a bakery or prefer something a bit more mysterious and musky, a candle (especially the soy variety, if you can splurge) is always a safe bet for a self-care gift.

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2. Spa-Like Bath Supplies

Okay, we take it back—there's nothing more soothing than soaking it up with a spa-like bath (preferably with a candle lit on the side, of course). If you've tried it out in the past, you'll know that using things bath salts in your water is an absolute game-changer when it comes to true relaxation. For a bit of fun, you could pick up a nice bath bomb, or just pick up some salts and/or bubbles and go all out with a little personal care spa day right from your own home.


3. An Essential Oil Diffuser

If candles aren't really your style (or if you simply aren't trusted with them quite yet), an essential oil diffuser is an equal—if not superior—alternative. You can find one pretty cheap on Amazon or at your local HomeGoods store, and plenty of them come with color-changing lights and other fanciful details. Pick up a set of essential oils, read the instructions and prepare to relax with your new favorite room accessory.

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4. Books

Whether you're a regular reader or someone who's practically never picked up a novel outside of the classroom, books are a fantastic self-care gift. Reading can absolutely be one of the most calming activities, especially when you make it a part of your routine. Try a self-help book on a subject that matters to you, or simply dive into a new world with some fantasy if that's more your style—with books, the options are truly endless (just try to actually read all the ones you purchase, okay?).


5. New Fitness Gear

Whether being more active was one of your resolutions or you simply enjoy the comfort of lounging around in athleisure, new fitness gear is a great way to treat yourself with your leftover Christmas cash. Not only will it help make you feel good in the moment, but it might even help encourage you to get healthier in 2022.

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Of course, self-care can look like whatever you want it to, so this list is hardly exhaustive. It is, however, a great place to start! And for some extra help with ideas that will save you some of that Christmas money while you're at it, check out our list of self-care rituals that won't break the bank by clicking HERE.