5 Simple Self-Care Practices to Try If Your Love Language Is Receiving Gifts

When we think about love languages, and the little ways that people experience and express their love for each other, we usually think of relationships with other people. But have you ever considered examining your love languages to improve your relationship with yourself?

If your love language is receiving gifts, it means the world to you when people demonstrate that they care with a thoughtful gesture. Whether they pick something up for you or make it from scratch, any kind of gift is a reminder that someone has been thinking of you. But you don't have to wait on anyone else for gifts that keep on giving. Keep reading to find out how gifts to yourself can be an important form of self-care.

Try Out a Project

If receiving gifts is your love language, chances are that you appreciate when someone makes something unique just for you. But you don't have to depend on anyone else for that special feeling. You may find that few things are more satisfying than creating something with your own bare hands and seeing the fruits of your labor. Try dedicating yourself to something and seeing it through from start to finish, whether it's something to eat, a piece of art or even a redecoration of your space, and relishing in how good it feels to be rewarded while feeling fully accomplished.

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Eat Somewhere New

Maybe you're perfectly content to eat the same old foods again and again, but mixing it up every once in a while can be the ultimate way to treat yourself. While the world is weird at the moment and you can't necessarily dine out at a new restaurant that's caught your interest, chances are that you live somewhere where you can order something in. Scour your local delivery apps for something irresistible, and splurge a bit. After all, food isn't just food—it's an experience—and few things are more exciting than the arrival of tasty new food at your doorstep before you dig in.

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Develop a New Skill

Even when you're at your busiest, it can be very beneficial to set aside even a few minutes per day to pursue a skill or hobby that interests you. That can be anything from writing or singing to playing an instrument, practicing astrology, playing video games or doing a sport—the list is basically infinite. Whatever it is, building up a skill in something you're passionate about is an awesome way to do something kind for yourself, and in no time at all, you just might be a master in a new craft. What's a better present than that?

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Buy Yourself a Plant

Why a plant, you might ask? Because it's a living thing that requires care and attention to thrive, and sometimes looking after something outside of yourself is the perfect reminder of how to practice self-care. Watering your houseplant can remind you to hydrate, and making sure it gets enough sun can help you get out for a little vitamin D exposure. Some people even recommend naming your plant after someone you care about, to ensure its happiness as well as your own. In some ways, taking care of a plant is like taking care of yourself.


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Give Yourself a Break

If you've been pushing yourself hard, it can be a lovely gift to yourself to allow some things to slide and give yourself a well-deserved break. Take that needed nap, embrace that cheat day, and allow yourself to make mistakes without ruminating on what happened. Remember that a one-day break from whatever your goals are will leave you one day behind, not derail you completely. Stop treating yourself harshly, and extend the same compassion to yourself as you'd give to a friend or loved one.

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