All the Cozy Self-Care Products We're Loving This Back-to-School Season

While the back-to-school season comes with the excitement of seeing friends again, showing off your cute new outfits (and school supplies) and a chance to start with a blank slate for grades, some stress inevitably comes along with it.

That's why we see self-care as an essential part of any school agenda, tucked right in between homework and cram sessions. Of course, taking care of your mind, body and soul comes in many forms. That's why we've gathered this list of our favorite items for relaxation, self-discovery and more that you're going to love this back-to-school season.

Life Elements Shower Steamers: $18

Nothing wakes us right up in the morning quite like a hot shower, and Life Elements Shower Steamers are designed to make shower time even more refreshing and relaxing. Coming in both Eucalyptus & Menthol and Sweet Citrus & Menthol scents, they'll clear and decongest your sinuses while perking you right up and turning your regular shower into a spa experience. It's basically a bath bomb for the shower, and we're obsessed.

life elements citrus menthol shower steamer

(via Life Elements) 


Averr Aglow Perfect Pout Lip Kit: $53

Having perfectly smooth and silky lips is great both for impressing potential love interests and as an act of self-care. After all, we always feel more confident when we're not dry and chapped! Averr Aglow's Perfect Pout Lip Kit includes an exfoliating lip polish, a creamy lip balm and a lush overnight lip mask for all of your lip health needs and will leave you perfectly kissable throughout the entire school day.

Averr aglow perfect pout lip kit

(via Averr Aglow) 


Affirmicious 100 Zodiac Affirmations Card Deck: $45

We think daily affirmations can be a simple yet potent step in your daily self-care routine, and no one makes them easier than Affirmicious with their zodiac-specific affirmation card decks, featuring 100 cards each. No matter your sign, these cards are perfectly tailored to you to help you reinforce your positive traits, and work through your challenging ones, to become your best, happiest self.

Affirmicous 100 zodiac affirmations deck

(via Affirmicious)


JoySpring Back to School Bundle: $93.50

Healthy supplements are a great way to take care of both your body and mind during the school year. JoySpring's Back to School Bundle includes herbal formulas that help with boosting immunity, calming and focus for the day, and sleep for the night, to give you what you need for whatever school throws at you.

joy spring back to school bundle

(via JoySpring)


Bath & Body Works Fox Pom PocketBac Holder: $9.95 

If you're going to be back on campus this fall for the first time since the start of the pandemic, you'll definitely want to have hand sanitizer on hand for those times you can't make it to a restroom to wash your hands. And you might as well have the cutest container for it possible. Bath & Body Works' Fox Pom PocketBac Holder fits the bill, and it's designed to hold your favorite scent of PocketBac hand sanitizer.

bath and bodty works fox pom pocketbac holder

(via Bath & Body Works)


Marine + Vine Nomad Rose Manoi Rose Hand Cream: $38

Washing your hands, and then sanitizing them, and then washing them again is the perfect formula for dry hands. However, Marine + Vine's Nomad Rose Manoi Rose Hand Cream is even more effective at combatting dehydrated skin. It includes aloe vera juice, hyaluronic acid, squalane, entada seed extract cacay oil and vitamins A, C and E to keep hands soft and hydrated at all times, and its rose and coconut scent will make you want to reapply again and again and again.

marine and vine nomad rose hand cream

(via Marine + Vine)


Mineralgia Pain Relief Cream: $34.95

Dealing with aches and pains after a tough day of school? Mineralgia's Pain Relief Cream has saved our days on more occasions than one. Apply it to sore muscles, sprains and more and let the menthol and camphor formula cool and soothe those muscles until the pain subsides. It even works if you rub a bit on the temples during a headache, which can be essential on days when you have to get difficult projects done.

mineralgia pain relief cream

(via Mineralgia)


Voesh Vitamin Recharge Mani in a Box: $6

We find rituals to be an extremely calming way to step away from a tough day and reset, and Voesh's Vitamin Recharge Mani in a Box set is an inexpensive and simple way to give yourself a spa-quality manicure at home. The three-step box includes a rich sugar scrub, mud masque and massage butter for your hands to first exfoliate, then relax and hydrate your hands before giving yourself an Insta-worthy manicure.

voesh vitamin recharge waterless mani

(via Voesh) 


Balms, Buttahz and Bars Foaming Bath Milk Powder: $12

We do some of our best mindful contemplation and thinking in the bath, and it helps when the water is full of good-for-skin ingredients and also smells heavenly. Balms, Buttahz and Bars are experts at their craft, but our favorite product of theirs is their Foaming Bath Milk Powder. It's a bit like a teabag for your bath, combining nourishing ingredients including colloidal oats, coconut milk, goat milk and Epsom salts with deliciously scented flowers for a dreamy bath every time.

balms buttahz and bars foaming milk powder

(via Balms, Buttahz and Bars)


Lemonade Pursuits Botanical Nuance Puzzle: $24.99

This may sound weird, but lately, one of our favorite ways to unwind at night is by losing ourselves in a peaceful puzzle, and we've never loved puzzles quite like we love the designs from Lemonade Pursuits. The art on these puzzles is designed by women artists, with puzzles and shapes that soothe the mind and channel anxiety as you work on the puzzles. They're also gorgeous and likely to keep you busy for a while.

lemonade pursuits botanical nuance puzzle

(via Lemonade Pursuits)

Silk + Sonder Journal: $19.95 per month

Few things compare to the power of a journal when it comes to working through your thoughts and understanding yourself, and at the moment, we're especially in love with Silk + Sonder's monthly themed journals. They work not just as awesome planners, but ways to check in with yourself and supply some structure to your everyday life. And did we mention they're really cute?

silk and sonder journal

(via Silk + Sonder) 

Bath & Body Works Fairytale 3-Wick Candle: $25.50

Unfortunately, most schools don't allow you to bring a lit candle with you everywhere to provide ambiance and relaxation at your desk. However, that does make the evenings when you can burn a candle at home even more special. Right now, we're obsessing over Bath & Body Work's Fairytale 3-Wick Candle, which looks gorgeous in addition to quickly filling your whole room with the perfumey scents of amber combined with pomegranate, orange blossom and vanilla. Homework isn't exactly a fairytale, but this candle will make your study sessions so much better.

Bath and Body Works fairytale candle

(via Bath & Body Works)

Ladybug Potions Seriously Glowing Face Oil: $52

Wearing a mask all day isn't always amazing for the skin, but rejuvenating serums and face oils can help. We're currently loving this Seriously Glowing Face Oil from Ladybug Potions, combining macadamia nut, avocado, sweet almond, carrot seed, grapeseed, hemp, lavender and sweet orange oils to bring life back to dull skin. The bottle even reminds us to try diaphragmatic breathing to reduce physical and emotional stress, which is just what we all need during this time of year.

ladybug potions seriously glowing face oil


(via Ladybug Potions)

cocokind Resurfacing Sleep Mask: $22

Need a powerful moisturizer in your nighttime skincare routine? We suggest cocokind's Resurfacing Sleep Mask, which uses bakuchiol to repair your skin's tone and texture while using indigo extract to resurface skin and make it look well-rested, and beta-glucan for reducing inflammation. Simply slather it on your skin before bed, and wash it off in the morning to get the full effects.

cocokind resurfacing sleep mask

(via cocokind) 

Parachute Linen Loft Quilt: $279 to $299

Since we spend about a third of our lives in bed, we should make our beds havens for ourselves, and while that starts with having a comfy mattress, we also recommend having the right blankets on your bed. Parachute's Linen Loft Quilts have just the right amount of puff to provide warmth when you need it without being overly hot when it's warm and have a look that works for casual or elegant bedrooms alike.

parachute linen soft quilt on bed

(via Parachute)

Nodpod : $38

Last, but not least, self-care is tough if you're not getting enough sleep, and the one thing that's saved our sleep over the last year has been the Nodpod weighted eye mask. Not only does it apply soft pressure above your eyes, aiding sleep and relaxation, but it also works as a blackout mask for those whose rooms aren't dark enough to fall asleep in easily. It's also perfect for mid-day naps!

nodpod woman with blush pink nodpod

(via Nodpod)

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