7 Times You've Been Way Too Hard on Yourself

It's true, we're our own biggest critics. We think people are talking about us, staring at us or even just thinking about us. Truth is, they're probs not.

Be prepared to nod in agreement as you scroll through these seven scenarios where we contrast what we think is happening vs. what is actually happening.

Reality check begins now:


Scenario 1: You Have a Zit

Regina George from "Mean Girls" looking at her pore

(Mean Girls via Paramount Pictures)

What You Think People Are Thinking: "Wow, that zit on her face is an actual crater. How embarrassing."

What They're Actually Thinking: "I wonder where she bought that cute top she's wearing…?"


Scenario 2: You Aren't Wearing Any Makeup

Mia Thermopolis from "Princess Diaries"

(The Princess Diaries via Walt Disney Pictures)

What You Think People Are Thinking: "Yikes. Someone went barefaced today. Scary stuff."

What They're Actually Thinking: "She looks super fresh-faced today. Digging it!"


Scenario 3: You Have to Play a Sport You're Not Great at

Screen grab from a basketball scene in the Disney Channel show "Liv & Maddie"

(Liv & Maddie via Disney Channel)

What You Think People Are Thinking: "Why is she even trying? She should just sit on the bench."

What They're Actually Thinking: "Props to her, she's such a good sport."


Scenario 4: You're Alone With a Friend and They Start Texting

"Pretty Little Liars" scene at school where Aria is texting

(Pretty Little Liars via ABC Family)

What You Think She's Texting: "I'm stuck hanging out with her again. Come save me."

What She's Actually Texting: "Hey, mom. Can we run a few errands after school?"


Scenario 5: You Wear an Outfit You Normally Wouldn't

Lilly from "Hannah Montana" holding up a multicolored dress

(Hannah Montana: The Movie via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

What You Think People Are Thinking: "What in the world? This girl wears the most outrageous clothing sometimes. What's her deal?"

What They're Actually Thinking: "I wish I had the confidence to wear whatever I want."


Scenario 6: You Walk Into a Situation Where You Don't Know Anyone

Gabriella from High School Musical

(High School Musical via Disney Channel)

What You Think People Are Thinking: "Who is she, and who does she think she is?"

What They're Actually Thinking: "Who's this girl? Have to find out."


Scenario 7: You Accidentally Wear the Same Outfit Twice in One Week

Lizzie McGuire at graduation wearing a repeat outfit

(The Lizzie McGuire Movie via Walt Disney Pictures)

What You Think People Are Thinking: "Outfit repeater!"

What They're Actually Thinking: "Omg. What a cute outfit, wonder where she got it!"


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