These 10 Memes Are Ridiculously Relatable for Anyone Who's Ever Taken a Selfie

Ugh, the selfie.

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What started as a simple way to capture a photo of yourself, has turned into quite the social media art form. And while we're still going to stop and snap a pic every time we find good lighting, we can still laugh at the madness that goes into capturing the perfect selfie.

Keep scrolling for 10 memes that are ridiculously relatable for anyone who's ever taken a selfie (aka, everyone).

1. Some days the selfies are better left untaken:


2. If you don't post it everywhere, did you even take it?


3. A lot of prep goes into the perfect selfie:

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4. How did this happen?

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5. They're the same, but different:


6. You can't interrupt the creative process:


7. If you can't appreciate yourself no one will:


8. Don't judge people for taking selfies:

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9. Loathe entirely:


10. It all makes sense as soon as you see one bad picture:


If you've taken the perfect photo, but you're still on the hunt for the perfect caption to go with it, click HERE for song lyrics to use when you need an Instagram caption for your selfie.