You Should Never Use A Selfie Stick Under These Circumstances

Earlier this week, Disney World banned selfie sticks from its rides, and we don't blame them. No one wants to get whacked with one of those things on Big Thunder Mountain! And rides aren't the only places selfie sticks are a total faux pas. Here are a few examples of times it's NEVER appropriate to use a selfie stick.

While driving. Keep your eyes on the road!

While flying. Keep your eyes on the… sky. And keep that cabin pressurized.

While taking your finals. That's just rude.

While having your teeth cleaned at the dentist. You don't want to accidentally bump someone who's got sharp metal objects in your mouth.

While bungee jumping. You're just not going to get the shot you want.

While rock climbing. Keep both hands on the mountain at all times!

While going for gold at the Olympics. Again, you should just focus on the task at hand.

While "slippin."

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