Selfies Teach Us About Beauty In New Dove Campaign!

What is beauty really all about? Dove made a short piece about beauty in partnership with the Sundance Institute, and taught girls and their mothers to embrace their inner beauty through selfies!Selfies

The video reveals how mothers can pass on their own insecurities to their teenage daughters, and how we can all work together to chance and redefine what beauty means to each of us.

"I think that a lot of girls compare themselves to what they see on TV and to what they see in magazines and like movies and videos," one teen explains. "To fit in you have to fit this mold."

High school girls were asked to take selfies that celebrate their own beauty, incorporating the physical aspects of themselves that they don't like.

The girls also worked with their moms to teach them how to take selfies that embrace their inner beauty.

The selfies were then printed professionally and hung around in a gallery setting, where each girl could write positive comments about the other girls.

Through the experience, many of these young women and their mothers realized that they aren't alone in their insecurities, and that the things that make them different are what make them unique and beautiful!

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