These Are the Best Senior Quotes of All Time. You're Welcome

Summer is quickly approaching, and while high school graduation is still years away for many of us, it's never too early to start thinking about your senior quote. These girls TOTALLY get us, and we think we could all get inspiration from their senior quotes.

This quote may seem a bit cocky on the surface, but it really just reflects the feelings of a gal who knows her own self-worth. When she's CEO of a big company, they'll all come crawling back.

Sometimes school can make us all feel like neglected house-elves, so this hits us right in the feels.

This teen broke all of the written rules of yearbook quotes by integrating emojis… This opens the door for SO many opportunities!

We totally appreciate this warning. We're also discovering that high school is NOT how it looks on TV.

There's something powerful in admitting your faults (especially if you can then find the positive in them).

This gal knows that beauty is only skin deep, unless you also find a way to cosmetically enhance your insides.

We love that Xenia not only decided to stand firm on her senior quote, but also that it's "fries before guys," because french fries really should come before almost all other things.

A senior quote is the perfect place to basically worship Beyoncé, though we do slightly disagree with the first. We think if this young lady tried hard enough, she could totes be Queen Bey.

Not only does this gal knows what she's made of, but she's also totally confident in her ability to win you over.

Taking down unfair dress code regulations one outfit, and fabulous senior quote, at a time!

If you put your mind to it, ANYTHING is possible.

This senior quote might not make you LOL, but it's the absolute truth. You go, girl.

Which of these quotes is your all-time fav? What do you plan to write in your yearbook? Share it all with us in the comments.