10 Things You'll Relate to If You've Ever Been to Sephora

Oh, our love-hate relationship with Sephora.

It's a place we go when we need nearly any beauty product under the sun or a place we can excitedly visit if we're bored on our lunch break. It's also a place that leaves us with a gaping hole in our wallets.

Yes, the double-edged sword of Sephora is very sharp, and we're pretty sure you've felt both sides, too. Keep reading for 10 things you'll relate to if you've ever been to Sephora.

1. You Suddenly Feel Like You Know Absolutely Nothing About Beauty

Working at Sweety High, we've had the privilege of testing out a slew of makeup and skincare products before they hit shelves. We like to think we're somewhat well-versed in these areas. That said, all of that goes out the window as soon as we enter a Sephora. Within seconds, we're overcome with a million questions about an array of products. We begin to doubt ourselves and our presumed knowledge. Is it unacceptable that there are more products in the store that we are unfamiliar with than the other way around?

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2. You Only Came in to Browse for Fun, Yet $100 Later…

Whether you pop in quickly during your lunch break, or you're accompanying a friend in search of something specific, it's near impossible to step into a Sephora without pulling out your wallet. You're immediately drawn to the array of colors and vibrant packaging, leading you to areas in the store you had no intentions of wandering. Next thing you know, you're walking out with a pricey receipt, and five products you never knew you needed until now.


3. No Matter How Often You Go, You're Overwhelmed Every Time

There's no such thing as a chill Sephora visit. Whether you visit with the intention to buy something, or you're just browsing for fun, everything comes at you all at once. There's so much to choose from, how are you supposed to know what works best? There's only so much room on your arms for swatches; out of every black eyeliner or mascara, you can't tell at that moment which will be the longest lasting; and spritzing five different fragrances on at once will give you a daylong headache.

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4. You've Never Been Able to Ignore the Minis Near Checkout

Each time you go, you tell yourself this visit will be different. You won't fall into the travel-size trap on your way to the checkout. Welp, each time you fail, despite initial efforts, leading you to walk out with a ton of minis you never even considered testing in the first place.


5. You've Spent Enormous Amounts of Time in Just the Fragrance Section

Sephora is intimidating as a whole, and its fragrance section is no exception. Not only can you spend an hour taking their fragrance quiz multiple times to find a variety of aromas fit for you, but the store always carries the newest, buzziest perfumes on their shelves, making it easy to get lost in scentual bliss. Before you know it, your hands are full of samples and your body is drenched in various scents.


6. You Begin to Second Guess All the Products You Currently Own

Think you're the coolest kid in your friend group because your bathroom vanity boasts the buzziest products? Well, take a walk into Sephora and think again. There's always one product to outdo the rest, the latest innovation, a bolder color, a thicker consistency, a more powerful ingredient. The beauty industry is one of the most saturated, meaning there's never a dull moment or a brand not developing the next best thing.


7. You Instantly Stock Up on Gifts

Mom's birthday in six months? Holiday season in six weeks? There's never a wrong time to stock up on presents, and every time you're in Sephora is the right time to buy in advance. Even if you're up to speed on securing all your goodies, you always find a way to purchase yet something else you just know they "can't live without."

Kat Von D Matte Liquid Lip Kit

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8. You Own More Lipstick Than You Can Handle, Yet You Never Leave Sephora Without Another

If there's one Sephora product that gets you into trouble more than the rest, it's lipstick. Lipstick is so easy to test, and there are so many colors and consistencies to choose from. They're scattered all throughout the store, and walking out without a new one is near impossible.


9. You Expect Undivided Attention From a Salesperson, Even If You're Just Standing Around

No matter how busy the store is, you feel like you need a sales associate by your side at all times. With all the questions taking over your mind, you don't want to jump from one person to the next. Even if you need a few moments to mull over a decision or try on a product, you feel naked without the same helpful employee by your side.

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10. You're Blown Away by the Free, Travel-Size Gifts

Small yet mighty! The best part of any Sephora visit is the end, when you're offered a free gift based on the many purchase points you've accumulated over time. While the gifts are only travel-size, they're certainly more than enough to give you a handful of solid uses, and they're usually brand-new or super popular products you've been eager to try (without the obligation to purchase a full size).


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