We're OBSESSED With the Activewear Brand, Set Active

Since I work from home these days, I'm always in lounge clothes or some sort of activewear.

Whether it's sweats, leggings, sweaters, sports bras or something else comfy, you can always bet to find me in it. So, when the team behind Set Active reached out and asked if I'd like to try out their brand, I immediately said yes. I'd previously heard great things about the company and couldn't wait to try it out for myself. Keep scrolling for more info on the brand and for my review of the outfit Set Active sent me.

The Brand

Set Active is all about form and function coming together. Instead of having to choose between what your workout gear looks like and the fit to your body, Set makes it so that you don't have to! With items like leggings, sports bras, sweatshirts, sweats and more, the brand has tons of offerings that everyone will enjoy. Plus, Set uses three premium fabrics—Sculptflex, Luxform and Sportbody. They're all meant to impact your workout and have different features, depending on what you're looking for.

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The Set

Sculptflex Box X and Leggings in Canyon: $38 and $65

I was sent a set made in the Sculptflex fabric, which ended up being perfect for my wants and needs. Sculptflex is made with compression in mind and features a seamless, ribbed look. I hate the feeling of looking bloated when I'm working out, and this fabric ensures that I'm all sucked in.


Set Active sent me the Box X sports bra as well as their leggings, both in the color canyon, which is a beautiful rust color. To the touch, the fabric is super soft and features ribbing. Once I put the set on, I immediately knew it was going to quickly become a favorite of mine.

The first time I wore it I went to the gym to lift weights and walk on the Stairmaster. Halfway into my workout, I started to work up quite the sweat. Since the rust color isn't super dark, my sweat stains were super visible. But tbh, it doesn't bother me! It's just a sign that I'm doing my workout correctly. The leggings stayed in place and I didn't find myself having to adjust them throughout my workout.


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As for the sports bra, since I have a larger chest, it's definitely not ideal for running or jumping around. But lucky for me, I hate running! It's great for more low-impact workouts like walking, yoga, pilates and even lifting. I also found that it was very comfortable. Some sports bras dig into my shoulders, but this one feels more like a bralette. I could honestly wear it all day long and be happy!


(via Set Active)


Bottom Line

I'm so glad I was finally able to try out Set Active. It's without a doubt the comfiest workout set I own, and I find myself wearing it time and time again. It's on the lower side price-wise compared to other luxe brands, and I think the quality is exactly the same as ones like Lulu or Alo. If you're on the market for a cute new workout set, I couldn't recommend Set Active enough.


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