How to Set Your BFF Up With Their Crush

As a best friend, you have a few important duties to carry out.

You have to support your pal, encourage them to follow their dreams and be their shoulder to cry on when times get tough. Most importantly, however, you have to do everything in your power to make sure your bestie gets noticed by their crush.

Of course, any good set-up needs a game plan. Keep scrolling for our best do's and don'ts for setting your BFF up with their crush.

Do: Orchestrate Hangouts

If your BFF is crushing on someone, it's likely that they're going to feel very nervous about approaching the object of their affection. That's precisely where you come in. As best friend and designated wing-woman for life, your job is to find ways to bring your BFF and their crush together. Whether it's inviting their crush to your lunch table or setting up a weekend activity with a big group of people, find as many ways as you can for your BFF and their crush to hang out. Not only will it give them a chance to get to know each other better and start building their relationship, it will also take their pressure off your BFF to make a move on their own.

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Don't: Make Your Friend's Crush Obvious

There's absolutely nothing worse than a friend who makes your crush painfully obvious. We've all dealt with it—pals who make snide comments and always find a way to let everyone present know that you're crushin' hard. It's awkward and uncomfortable and definitely not BFF behavior, so don't do it. Making your bestie's crush obvious will only make her feel uneasy,  which will prevent her from fully being herself around her crush. Beyond that, it's just plain mean to reveal your BFF's crush before their ready. Be the all-star best friend you are and make sure all your set-up activities are totally under the radar until your pal is ready to talk about their feelings publicly.


Do: Point Out Common Interests

While you might know what an amazing person your BFF is, it's now your job to make their crush see all those incredible qualities. But beyond just talking your BFF up in their presence, you should also focus on pointing out shared interests or values. Not only will this get your BFF's crush to start thinking about all the ways that a relationship with your bestie could be great, it's also a casual way to keep your pal on their crush's mind without being too obvious. However, only point out interests that are actually real. The last thing you want is your BFF being asked about how much they love baseball when they don't know a single thing about the game.

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Don't: Be Overly Friendly

When it comes to setting your BFF up with their crush, you have to walk a fine line in terms of just how friendly you are with said crush. While you might have the purest intentions of finding ways for your bestie and their crush to hangout, too much friendliness on your part could definitely be misinterpreted by the crush. If you're texting them all the time or constantly looking for ways to be around them, there's a high chance that they'll start to think you like them instead, which will just be awkward for everyone. Be friendly, but not so friendly that it could be misconstrued as flirting.


Do: Talk About It

If you see an opening where you can flat-out ask the crush about their feelings for your BFF, take it. Obviously you have to be careful not to imply that your BFF has feelings for them, but asking general questions about who they like or what they're looking for in a relationship can breed tons of insider information that you can take right back to your BFF. You might find out that they're completely incompatible, you might learn that they're crushing on somebody else or you might discover that they have feelings for your bestie, too. No matter where it leads, asking your BFF's crush about their love interests can give you and your pal a leg up in trying to make something happen between the two of them.

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Don't: Third Wheel

At a certain point, all your scheming has to culminate in actually leaving your BFF alone with their crush. Of course, you have to make sure it's the right moment and that you're not awkwardly forcing them together, but the second you see a moment to give the two of them some alone time, hightail it out of there. Don't stick around and turn yourself into the third wheel. It's not a fun position, and it totally blocks your BFF from bonding with their crush.


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