15 of the Best Instagram Captions for All of Your Sewing Pics

If you're a fashion designer in the making, we're willing to bet you're very handy with your sewing machine.

Whether you make slight alterations to clothes you already own or you create something from scratch, sewing is a skill you should be proud of! Feel like showing off your artistry? Look below for 15 of the best Instagram captions for all of your sewing pictures.

For when you're showing off the new stitch you learned:

"Life's a stitch."


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For when you created a beautiful garment:

"This is sew cute."


For when you and your bestie are sewing together:

"Pin pals."


For when someone catches you sewing:

"What's sewing on?"


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For when you show off your thread collection:

"My soul is fed by needle and thread."


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For when you're in love with the new piece you made:

"You are sew lovely!"


For when you sewed through the night:

"Working on my PHD in sewing."


For when you're showing off your shearing skills:

"This is shear madness."


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For when sewing is all you know:

"I'm a sewciopath."


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For when you're fixing a rip in your favorite shirt:

"Sew on and sew forth!"


For when you're happier when you're sewing:

"Life seams better when I sew!"


For when you have a bunch of fabric to choose from:

"Sew much fabric, sew little time."


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For when it's taken you years to master your craft:

"Sewing is harder than it seams."


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For when you love making beautiful stitches:

"You make my heart skip a stitch."


For when you're about to begin on a new piece:

"And sew it begins!"


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