PREMIERE: SHAB Debuts Her Sizzling 'Music to My Heart' Video, Featuring the Martinez Twins

After making her English-language musical debut with the critically acclaimed "Spell on Me" in 2020, SHAB is back today with another track that's sure to be just as big of a hit, and Sweety High has the exclusive on the music video—and an interview with the star herself.

The new track is called "Music to My Heart," seamlessly fusing SHAB's Iranian roots with an irresistible Latin sound and including flawless vocals in Spanish from the Martinez Twins. We can't wait to see it get big, and SHAB told us how all of it came to be below.

Sweety High: What was the songwriting process behind "Music to My Heart"? What was it like working with Damon Sharpe on the track?

SHAB: Interestingly enough, Damon Sharpe and I wanted to create a memorable tune with a catchy, powerful and fun hook.

But my own outset inspiration for "Music To My Heart" was my Latin family here in Dallas. I have a group of Latinos here in my Dallas life that I could have never imagined just five years ago—and I fell in love with their big hearts, their loving culture, their food(!) and their music. The love that I receive from my Latina sisters, who are here with me daily, feeds my soul and heals my heart—so I wanted a Latin vibe to this song towards showing my love and appreciation to them all. (And what I can tell you is that I have more Spanish vibes coming your way on my second album!)

Getting back to my work with Damon and his partner Eric Sanicola, they are simply Jedi masters when it comes to crafting catchy melodies. Working with Damon has been a dream come true, as we always have a great experience in the studio. Damon almost always knows exactly what type of sound and vibe that fits my own personal groove—and what a blessing he has been in my life.


SH: What does the song mean to you? Was it inspired by a real relationship?

SHAB: I guess you could say that most of my songs—if not all—are rooted in some form or fashion to my own experience.

More concretely, "Music To My Heart" is about that perfect and unconditional love of which we all dream. Married to honor, faithfulness, trust, loyalty, integrity and respect, it is a love that makes you want to find a person again in another lifetime. That love could extend to soulmate love, a mother's love for her children, the love that exists among siblings or even a deep friendship love: no games, no lies and just bliss, peace and happiness.

SHAB artist black and white press photo

(Photo credit: Brendan North)


SH: What types of positive and joyous things in your life do you consider "music to your heart"?

SHAB: My kids' voices will always be music to my heart—they will always be my No. 1 loves.

I also relish those times when I have a meaningful opportunity to give back to the community and support those with greater needs.

And I love filling my day with my love and partner Rob, our family and our close friends.


SH: How did your collaboration with the Martinez Twins come about? What do you think they uniquely add to the song?

SHAB: My team had been looking for the right collaboration fit for "Music To My Heart," as the song was always intended to include a noteworthy feature performance. But frankly, there were some setbacks and roadblocks in finding the right performance partners—and after a sufficient amount of frustrations, I told Damon that I would be completely okay to release the single and supporting video without a feature performance, if that's what God wanted.

But then later that very same week, something magical happened. Damon phoned me with the good news that the Martinez Twins wanted to feature in "Music To My Heart." And honestly, they were godsent as well as the perfect fit—Emilio and Ivan are very down to earth, kind-hearted and super talented. And their contribution sounds so terrific!


SH: What's your favorite lyric from the song?

SHAB: Wow: that is a question to answer as I had really never thought about it. But while I love all of our lyrics, my pick for favorite verse probably would be:

"The stars so far away
Burnin' brighter so we can see
Silhouettes of you lovin me"

To me, that verse means that my lover has eyes only for me: and it is the sexiest thing when my partner tells me I am his one and only. It's a feeling of euphoria.

SHAB wearing golden coat

(Photo credit: Brendan North)


SH: Is there anything you'd like to add?

SHAB: Actually, there are two things that I would like to add.

Nothing would make me happier than to see happy people dancing to my songs. And I hope that any songs can provide joy and uplift people who need the same—and there, the proof will be in the dancing!

And finally, I have dedicated "Music To My Heart" to all the amazing mothers of the world—women of God that protect and cherish their families through their sacrifices as well as their dedication to peace, happiness and creation.


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