Bubble Skincare Founder Shai Eisenman on the Brand and Its Viral Slam Dunk Moisturizer

With its picture-perfect packaging, unbeatable price point and effective, skin-friendly formulas, Bubble Skincare truly is the ultimate skincare trifecta.

We're longtime fans of their products, from their dreamy serums to their hard-working masks and ultra-soothing moisturizers, but their fan-favorite staple has to be their Slam Dunk hydrating moisturizer, which has gone fully viral on TikTok with more than 20 million views and counting, flying off the shelves where it's stocked at Walmart, CVS and ULTA stores. As Bubble devotees, we just had to learn more about the brand and its origins, and founder Shai Eisenman was kind enough to let us in on her story and what makes Bubble Skincare and Slam Dunk so special.

Name: Shai Eisenman

IG handle: @shaieisenman

Hometown: New York, New York

Zodiac sign: Virgo


1. One thing that really inspired Shai to get into the beauty space was that beauty aisles seemed to be filled with all the same brands that had been there since she was a teenager.

"With Gen Z being the most evolved generation to date, I always wondered how the generation could be so evolved, but their skincare was remaining stagnant. That's where Bubble came in, as a disruptor to the marketplace and democratizing the beauty industry by bringing the most efficacious, clinical, non-toxic, fragrance-free, vegan products to the aisles of Walmart, CVS and Ulta—all for under $20."

-Shai Eisenman

Shai Eisenman, founder of Bubble Skincare

(via @shaieisanman)


2. The name Bubble Skincare is inspired by clean transparency.

"Our community means everything to us and we don't make decisions without them. When we were thinking about the perfect name for the brand, we worked so closely with our community to find a brand name that embodied all that we believe in and finally landed on Bubble. As a brand, we are incredibly transparent about the ingredients that we put into our skincare and the bubble represents the transparency that we are trying to bring to the 'clean' skincare market."

-Shai Eisenman

Bubble Skincare rise and shine set

(via Bubble Skincare)


3. Every aspect of Bubble Skincare is made with the customer in mind.

"Bubble prides itself on being the first skincare brand created for young skin and making effective, accessible skincare for consumers of all ages while listening to what its customers want and need. We've created an inclusive community—including Gen Zers, moms and college-aged students, amongst others—where we listen to their feedback and take it into serious consideration. We don't do anything without the approval of our community. They are the true heart of the company."

-Shai Eisenman


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4. Her must-have product is the brand's Slam Dunk hydrating moisturizer.

"I have dry skin and this moisturizer gives my skin the boost of hydration it needs morning and night. It's my holy grail!"

-Shai Eisenman

Bubble Skincare slam dunk hydrating moisturizer

(via Bubble Skincare)


5. And thanks to TikTok, that Slam Dunk Hydrating Moisturizer has gone fully viral. In January, the brand sold a moisturizer every 30 seconds—over five times the amount sold over the week of Black Friday.

"Slam Dunk going viral truly shows the direct impact TikTok has on Gen Z and their purchasing habits! Slam Dunk has always been a favorite in-house (and my personal favorite product) so we were so excited to see consumers finally realizing what we knew all along."

-Shai Eisenman

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6. The best advice she ever got was not to take things too personally.

"When I was first reaching out to investors about Bubble, I would constantly receive no's—or even worse, not get a reply. At first, it was really hard to not take it personally, and then as time moved on, I was able to compartmentalize and learn that it's okay if someone says no and to just keep trying. It helped build resilience, and I wouldn't be at this place today if I had taken everything personally."

-Shai Eisenman

7. The habits of continuously networking and learning from those around her have gotten Shai where she is today.

"I love to meet with other founders, members of our community, ULTA and other retail associates; all of these people teach me something new and give me inspiration. I also love to hire people who are smarter than I am and not have a big ego about it; I want to hire people that will teach and grow me as well."

-Shai Eisenman

8. Her biggest skincare tip is that less is actually more when it comes to taking care of your skin.

"Find a simple yet effective routine that works for your skin type. Also, make sure to wear SPF every single day, because If you're not, then the rest of your skincare routine doesn't matter!"

-Shai Eisenman

Bubble Skincare the base routine product set

(via Bubble Skincare)


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9. The most rewarding thing about her work is seeing how much Bubble can not just make a difference in people's skin, but change their lives.

"We receive countless thank you emails from consumers showing us their before and after pictures when using our products, and they are so grateful that they were able to see such drastic results with a low maintenance routine and cost-effective solutions."

-Shai Eisenman

10. Most importantly, Shai wants fans of the brands to know that nobody's perfect, including her.

"I have days where I feel like I'm not doing as much as a mom because I am working around the clock, and then I have days where I feel like I'm not doing my best as CEO since I have to handle something important with my family. Part of the reason why I created Bubble with its ethos of inclusivity is because so many people are on the outside looking in and feel like they don't belong somewhere because they aren't perfect, and I wanted to let them know that you don't need to be perfect and there's a community out there that will uplift and support you like the Bubble community does."

-Shai Eisenman


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