Shake It Off and 1989 Announcement By Taylor Swift!

It's been a huge week for Taylor Swift fans! During a live stream event hosted by Yahoo, she revealed a music video for her new song "Shake It Off," and announced her upcoming album, 1989!

"Shake It Off" is a bold and catchy pop number about shrugging off criticism and staying empowered to be yourself. The song's message is on point, and Taylor does a perfect job embodying the concept in the music video.

Throughout the video, Taylor joins groups of ballerinas, break dancers and cheerleaders. She parodies Lady Gaga and other artists while somehow remaining uniquely Taylor Swift!

During Taylor's live stream, she also discussed her upcoming album, 1989. The title seems to reference her birth year!

She said that 1989 will be her first fully pop album. Many of the tracks on it were inspired by the popular music of the late 80s.

1989 releases on October 27, 2014! Fans who buy a copy of the album will get a code that will allow them to enter to win one of 1989 prizes!

Prizes include 250 sets of 2 concert tickets plus meet & greets, 250 sets of 2 concert tickets, 300 autographed pics, 300 tote bags, and 189 speciality pick packs!

There will also be a Target exclusive deluxe edition of 1989, including 3 bonus songs, 3 of Taylor's voice memos revealing her songwriting process, and a collective set of exclusive photo prints!

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