Will Shake It Off Win Every Single Grammy?

The 57th annual GRAMMY Awards are tonight, and Taylor Swift's mega hit "Shake It Off" is nominated for 4–count 'em FOUR– GRAMMY awards. Of the 22 nominations Taylor's received since 2008, she's won 7 of them. We're predicting she'll be adding 4 more trophies to her collection tonight.

5 Grammys Taylor Swift's Shake It Off has to win

Record Of the Year

Taylor's been nominated for Record Of the Year twice before. Neither "You Belong With Me" nor "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" brought home the award, but this year will be the one with "Shake It Off"!

Song Of the Year 

Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me" was nominated in the Song Of the Year category in 2010 and somehow managed not to win, so obviously it's Taylor's turn to nab the title in 2015.

Best Pop Solo Performance

In 2012, Taylor Swift won the GRAMMY in the Best Country Solo Performance category. Now that she's transitioned completely from country phenomenon to pop superstar, the Best Pop Solo Performance award is definitely in her future.

Producer Of the Year

Producer Max Martin is nominated for his first GRAMMY ever as Producer Of the Year for his work on "Shake It Off." With a little luck, it'll be a "Shake It Off" sweep.

It's an impressive GRAMMY showing for Taylor, especially considering that 1989 was released too late to qualify for this year's awards.

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