Police Vs. 2-Year-Old In Shake It Off Lip Sync Battle!

If you don't know at least the chorus to Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off," chances are that you've been living under a rock! Everyone knows the pop hit, which means there's a huge chance of people getting caught on tape singing along!Shake It Off Lip Sync Battle graphic, featuring cop from Dover, 2-year-old girl and Taylor
That's exactly what's happened in two of our very favorite videos from this week! We absolutely can't choose: who sang it better? Help us pick!
This Dover police officer, Jeff Davis, was caught singing with the entirety of "Shake It Off" by his dashboard cam. The video has since become a web sensation!

LOLOLOLOL THE SASS" Taylor wrote on Twitter after witnessing the magic.

But that's not the only incredible "Shake It Off" lip sync out this week. This adorable two-year old was also filmed mouthing the words from her car seat!

YOU TELL THOSE HATERS GIRL,"Taylor said in response.

Which one wins the battle of the lip sync? Watch both and vote in our poll below! You can also share your own Taylor Swift lip syncs at Sweety High!

Which video wins the "Shake It Off" lip sync battle?

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