The ONE Household Item That's Been My Saving Grace Amid Quarantine

This post is an ode to my mom (how fitting, the date after Mother's Day), but this isn't your conventional dedication article. While of course I'm grateful for all the blessings bestowed upon me by this wonderful woman, this post is to praise her introduction of shampoo as quarantine's MVP.

It all began at the beginning of isolation when soap and hand sanitizer were scarce. She informed me that using regular shampoo would have the same effects as traditional hand soap. And knowing that I have so much of it, thanks to a job that allows me to review many hair products, it was refreshing to know so much of it didn't have to just sit in my shower untouched. In fact, shampoo is much more nourishing and less harsh on your skin than traditional soap. This is why I've also started using it as body wash. If it's safe enough for my scalp, it's certainly a sure bet for my legs.

Function of Beauty Shampoo and Conditioner

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A couple weeks into quarantine, I complained about a stain on my shirt. Sure enough, mom suggested none other than shampoo. I dabbed a bit on my top, applied some water, and it dried seamlessly and stainlessly, without leaving that awkward ring around the stain. Same went for the coffee I frustratingly spilled on the carpet!

Woman cleaning

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Lastly, since I realized we were on to something here, I decided to see what would happen if I washed my makeup brushes with shampoo. And sure enough, just a little went a long way. The formula completely stripped my brushes back to life, even giving one of my weakening Beauty Blenders a second wind. The brushes make total sense, seeing as shampoos are made to strip hair of dirt.

Now, just as you would with shampoo for your hair, you want to look out for harmful ingredients before you go rinse-happy. While your hands aren't as sensitive or reactive as your scalp or strands, you still don't want toxins touching your body or belongings. Do your best to avoid synthetics, formaldehyde, sodium chloride, parabens and Sodium Lauryl Suflate (SLS), in particular.


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