Admit it, you’ve been dying to get to know Shannon Purser on a personal level the minute she graced the small screen as the true hero of Stranger Things. 

There may not have been the justice for Barb we’d hoped for, but these fun facts about the actress behind this iconic character more than make up for it. Get to know the Rise and Riverdale star better than ever below!


(Photo credit: Miles Schuster)

Full Name: Shannon Elizabeth Purser

Hometown: Roswell, Georgia

Birthday: June 27

Zodiac Sign: Cancer


Fun Facts:

1. She has the rock star look nailed, but admits she isn’t the greatest at playing guitar. She’d still love to learn, though.

2. One of her favorite things about herself is the ability she has to empathize with others.

3. If she could steal any character’s style, it would be Veronica’s from Heathers.

“I feel like my fashion sense is always evolving. I love the outfits Veronica wears in Heathers. Especially the off-the-shoulder grey sweater under the overall skirt!” -Shannon Purser

4. Her absolute favorite day of the year is Christmas because, duh.

5. Her biggest celeb crush right now is Santino Fontana from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Can’t say we’re not fans of her choice.

6. She relates to Hades from Hercules on a spiritual level. They both have a seriously cool vibe going on.

7. Nothing makes her happier than meeting and connecting with fans.

“When a fan feels like they’re able to open up to me or says that I’ve helped them navigate life in some way, it really means a lot to me.” -Shannon Purser


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