Shark-Themed Items for the Shark Week-Obsessed

Don't keep calm–it's Shark Week!

This is the one week out of the whole year you can go crazy with shark appreciation and no one will think you're insane. Dare to express your love of these terrifying sea creatures with 13 shark-themed clothing and accessories listed below.


1. Shark Earrings: $6.50

These front and back earrings may look menacing, but we promise they won't take a bite out of your ear. Humans are friends, not food.

Shark front and back earrings

(via Claire's)

2. Shark Pin: $10

This pin perfectly sums up how we feel about Shark Week. All the heart eyes for a week dedicated to these majestic animals.

Shark with heart eyes pins

(via Etsy)


3. Shark Slippers: $13.99

The fluffiest of animals ain't got nothing on these plushy slippers.

Shark Week slippers

(via Box Lunch)


4. Shark Stickers: $6

Slap these babies on anything and everything and you'll be the coolest kid in the room.

Cool girl shark vinyl stickers

(via Etsy)


5. Shark One-Piece Swimsuit: $27.50

You need a bathing suit for summer, so why not rock one that has a little extra bite to it?

One piece shark swimsuit with shark teeth on the side

(via Etsy)


6. Shark Ring: $12

Nothing says you're crazy about sharks like this bright orange ring. Talk about the perfect finger adornment.

orange Shark Week rings

(via Etsy)


7. Shark Socks: $20

Are you saying we can walk around with socks that look like little sharks are eating our ankles? We're in.

Shark ankle socks for Shark Week

(via Etsy)


8. Shark Tank Top: $21.75

This tank is wise beyond its years—Shark Week is magical!

Shark Week Is Magical black tank top from Look Human

(via Look Human)


9. Shark Mug: $14.25

Look at those sweet little shark fins circling this mug. Gotta love it!

Shark Fins mug for Shark Week

(via Look Human)


10. Shark Dad Hat: $35

You can sport this cap whenever you want, regardless of whether it's Shark Week or not.

Red baseball cap with a shark embroidered on the front

(via Country Club Prep)


11. Shark Necklace: $18

It's even got a pink pom pom on it for some added reassurance that sharks are really just big softies.

Shark necklace with a pink pom pom on it

(via Etsy)


12. Shark Flip Flops: $29.95

Do you really need an excuse to buy these? Sandals are a summer essential, so go ahead and cop this pair ASAP.

blue shark sandles

(via Zazzle)


13. Shark Bracelet: $7

You can choose which of the three charms you want latched on to the bracelet. The clear winner is the shark one, duh.

Shark Week bracelet

(via Etsy)


Shark Week has just kicked off, so there's still plenty of time to plan your own watch party for the spectacle. We suggest making THESE shark-themed food items for all your guests to chow down on.