Shark Week Nails: G. Nails With G. Hannelius!

Dog With A Blog star G. Hannelius shows us how to paint Shark Week Nails in the first episode of a brand new SweetBeatTV series called G. Nails! G. Nails is brought to you by Sweety High and M Magazine!

G. wants to bring her fans a summer filled with stunning nail art in the G. Nails series! This week, she shows us how to celebrate the highly anticipated Shark Week with some shark-themed nails!

The tutorial will teach you how to paint your nails to resemble fierce sharks, complete with a gaping mouth and pointy teeth! The other nails are a blue-green sparkly ombre, inspired by the ocean. It really makes the shark pop, and you'll learn how to paint ombre nails!

The needed materials are all listed below! You'll need:

  • Base coat
  • Shimmery light blue nail polish
  • Sea foam nail polish
  • Metallic silver nail polish
  • Toothpick or orange stick
  • Red nail polish or acrylic paint
  • Detail brush
  • Blue-green glitter polish
  • White striper brush
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Top Coat

You'll have to watch the episode to see how you can bring these sharks to life on your nails!

Stay tuned for the release of a Dog With A Blog-themed tutorial next week! Comment below for updates on all things G. Hannelius and more, and join us at to share your own nail tutorials with us!shark week nails g hannelius