7 Simple Recipes You Should Chomp Into During Shark Week

Shark Week kicks off on Discovery Channel this Sunday, and you need to be prepared! What better way to get amped than with delicious shark-inspired food?

The best way we know how to make these ocean predators less terrifying is by eating things inspired by them, so scroll down for some fun snacks and refreshing treats that will be a breeze to make during this majorly hyped week of time.


1. Shark Marshmallow Pops

These mini shark pops are the perfect tasty snack to dive right into all that Shark Week has to offer. They're a bit of a DIY project, but they're worth the effort. Read the full recipe HERE.

Shark Week shark cake pops

(via The Decorated Cookie)

2. Cake Batter Shark Bait 

For those of you who are a little more adventurous, you should try this sweet and salty snack. It's cake batter like you've never had it before, AKA smothered on top of popcorn! Toss in some shark-shaped sprinkles and a few gummy sharks to give it some extra flare. Find the recipe HERE.

Shark Bait popcorn DIY recipe for Shark Week

(via Young at Heart Mommy)


3. Ocean Float

This refreshing ice cream float is another great way to keep you cool this summer. Add some lime soda and gummy sharks to the mix for some serious #oceanvibes. Catch the recipe HERE.

Shark Week ocean floats recipe

(via Crafting Chicks)


4. Life Preserver Donuts

Take a bite out of these adorable life preserver donuts. Officially kick off the epic adventure that is Shark Week by making them for breakfast one of these days this week (or all of them, we won't judge). The recipe can be found HERE.

Life preserver shark week donuts

(via Jennifer Thurston)


5. Seaweed Dip & Shark Fin Chips

Okay, this isn't actually seaweed, it's delicious spinach dip and chips. But keeping with the theme here, this easy-to-make recipe is another perfect snack to do things the right way this week. Find the recipe HERE.

Shark Fin dip for Shark Week

(via A Few Shortcuts)


6. Shark Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a classic, but dye 'em blue and throw some gummy sharks on top and you've got yet another awesome shark-inspired treat you won't regret. The full recipe is featured HERE.

Shark Week cupcakes

(via Beauty and the Beard)


7. Under the Sea Graham Crackers 

These picturesque graham crackers are super cute and yummy. You can even paint some teeth on your goldfish to make them look more like sharks. Find the recipe HERE.

Under the Sea Graham crackers for Shark Week

(via The First Year)


Sharks are pretty great, but if you're a Cancer and crabs are more your thing, THIS is where you need to be.