Sharon Estee Dishes On Remastering "Love Me"

Last year, singer-songwriter Sharon Estee released an EP titled "Love Me." We caught up with her just as she's remastering that EP and asked her about her history with music and what's next!

Sharon is a classically trained musician, studying piano since the age of 5 and violin since the age of 10. She also took lessons in flute, organ, and an Indonesian instrument called the gamelan, and taught herself how to play guitar and ukulele.

"Essentially I've always surrounded myself with music," she said.  "Back in high school, I started performing at events and putting up singing videos on YouTube which kind of paved the way for my singing career. "

Before 2010, Sharon Estee had composed two or three short violin and piano pieces, but that was the year she really got into songwriting.

"I decided I wanted to not only sing but also create and express myself; and I'm glad I began doing so as the more I wrote, the more I learned," she said.  "There's still so much room for improvement, and I'm always trying to further myself musically and creatively."

Sharon's first EP, titled "Love Me" can be downloaded for free by fans who make a Twitter or Facebook post about the album.

"It was my idea," she said. "I wanted fans to be able to access and share my music easily. I thought it was a good way to spread my music and name."

For the last few months, Sharon has been hard at work remastering the "Love Me" EP with her producer Kevin Asir and manager Luis Torres.

"We're improving upon all of the tracks," she said.

The remastered version will include not just the 5 songs from the original EP, but Chinese versions of two of the songs, plus a brand new track.

"A lot of exciting things are happening!" she said. "We will be releasing the remastered "Love Me" EP on Spotify and iTunes, creating a whole new website for, filming music videos for some of the songs, etc.  So be on the lookout!"

Once she's done with her remaster project, she'll be flying to Florida and New York to start recording her debut album!

"Choosing songs is actually harder than you would expect," she said. "I have to know and like the songs I cover, and I try to cover newer, mainstream records.  I like to put my own style/twist into the songs I cover.  But then there's the factor of do I want to sing this while playing the piano, ukulele, or guitar?  Would it sound good with these instruments?  (Do I even sound good singing it?  Haha!) Or do I want to try and produce my own beat for this cover?"

She then recruits a friend or family member to help her film the cover. Next is a long and difficult editing process.

"So many factors come into mind, and all of this would have to be ready each Sunday for my #EsteeSunday covers," she said.  "I feel like YouTubers have stepped their game up so much that it's not as simple as singing to a webcam anymore…it's pretty tough to keep up! "

Her list of dream collaborations is extensive.

"If I had to name a few it would probably include Pharrell, Alicia Keys, Stacy Barthe, The-Dream, Melanie Fiona, Shania Twain, Jhene Aiko, Ravaughn…I could go on and on!"

She especially loves Pharrell's unique style and open mind, and Stacy Barthe's powerful lyrics.

"Her songs are tearjerkers," Sharon said of Barthe's music. "It just blows my mind how she words her emotions so perfectly."

Sharon Estee has recently been saving up most of her original songs for her album, but she said she should put up another original song soon. Catch a new cover every Sunday on her YouTube channel!

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