Our Definitive Ranking of the 5 Best Songs From the Shawn Mendes Album

After two long years, Shawn Mendes has finally released his new self-titled album.

While we usually love to review all kinds of tunes in our New Music Friday posts, this week we just had to zero in on the latest songs from one of our fave heartthrobs.

From sad to sweet, and everything in between, scroll below for our definitive ranking of the five best songs from the Shawn Mendes album.

5. 'Perfectly Wrong'

While Shawn Mendes' tunes are usually upbeat and lively, the new album boasts an entirely different sound for the singer. Many of the songs are slower and softer, filled with many truths and confessions about the musician's personal and romantic life. "Perfectly Wrong" discusses a relationship we've all experienced—when you know someone isn't right for you, but you just can't seem to walk away. The melody is soft and gentle, allowing Shawn's vocal talents to shine, and the lyrics are just so relatable that we cant't help but love this song.

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4. 'Particular Taste'

The 7th track on the Shawn Mendes album is one of the more energetic tunes. It still fits with the more soulful vibe that all of the songs cling to, but it also invokes that acoustic pop sound that we've come to know and love from the singer. Plus, we love his description of the girl who has particular taste, reminding us that sticking to what you like and being yourself will always pay off in the end. Heck, it might even catch the attention of Shawn Mendes.


3. 'Youth' feat. Khalid

What's the best way to enhance a Shawn Mendes tune? Add another incredibly talented young singer, of course! This jam featuring Khalid is all about powering through the tough times and staying true to yourself in the process. Not only are the lyrics totally inspiring, but the beat of the song is completely unique and undeniably catchy. It's gentle and soft, but still has a lively undertone that definitely had us swaying with the music. Plus, the combination of Khalid and Shawn's melodious voices on the track is absolutely beautiful, easily cementing this tune as one of our faves.

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2. 'Fallin' All in You'

The 6th track on the album definitely gives us some major Ed Sheeran vibes, which is understandable considering he helped write the song. This melodic ballad brings to light the emotions we all feel when falling into a new love. It has a very light acoustic beat, and it beautifully shows off Shawn's impressive vocal range. The song just feels happy and carefree, and listening to it definitely boosts our mood. It even has us feeling a little hopeful that a new love might be right around the corner.


1. 'Mutual'

We immediately fell in love with everything about this song, easily marking it as our favorite tune in the album. It has the acoustic beat that we love from Shawn's songs, his voice is absolutely breathtaking and the lyrics are simplistically beautiful. "No, I don't want to have to leave / But half of you's not enough for me," Shawn sings to close out the chorus. Um, can you say relatable content? If we go missing for a few weeks, you can find us listening to this tune—somewhere, anywhere—on repeat.

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