20 Memes to Celebrate Shawn Mendes' 20th Birthday

Stop what you're doing—it's Shawn Mendes' birthday.

Our favorite singer/heartthrob is celebrating 20 years of life today, which is simultaneously upsetting and exciting. Because we can't celebrate with Shawn in person, we turned to the internet to show some love for this sweet guy.

Keep scrolling for 20 memes to celebrate Shawn Mendes' 20th birthday.

1. Nothing can stop Shawn:


2. Take it back, right now: 


3. We're not ready for him to leave his teens behind:


4. Nothing's changed:


5. Okay, we'll  just stay silent then:


6. Seriously, we aren't ready:


7. Well, do we?


8. Still a baby in our eyes:


9. It's fine, we're fine:


10. It's a scientific fact:


11. It's all he needs:


12. It's Shawn himself:


13. You better get going:

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14. We just can't do that:


15. Everyone must know:


16. We only speak the truth:


17. This isn't natural?


18. Things are going to get ugly:


19. So talented:


20. Happy birthday, Shawn:


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